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woollybear's Avatar Comment 1 by woollybear

I disagree Svend. For believers in God and an afterlife, the hope that keeps you going is to spend eternity with God. Most believers think that life is a trial to get through until death. So by reason, the believer is one who should want to end his life to get to God faster. Non-believers realize our finite life is all we have, so why not make the most of it. It doesn't make sense to me to end it now since God doesn't exist. I have no desire to. I want to see what happens everyday.

Dawkins does not say there is no purpose in life. He just doesn't believe a God needs to exist to give us purpose.

Sat, 04 Nov 2006 15:05:00 UTC | #7028

goddogit's Avatar Comment 2 by goddogit

Prof. Dawkins has already offered MANY reasons that reveal your question to be infatile in its wrongheadedness, but I doubt you have the gumption to read TGD (or anything else that doesn't offer up your chosen brand of pap).
Here are two, as interpreted by myself.

1. Which "God"? Is any god as good as any other? What is your claim to being supported by THE god, compared to the billions of others? Is it some "personal revelation" that just happens to be exactly the one you were either raised with or sought out? Why not Thor, or Shiva, or the FSM, all of whom are more worthy of the exercises of a human imagination than the Xian Jehovah? (Frankly, FSM has, as a deity, many advantages for the thinking person. Ramen!)

2. You claim you'd kill yourself because life would have no meaning without a being intelligent in terms comprehensible and identifiable to homo sapiens? Give me a fucking break! This is the flip side of the ass who claimed only "god" kept him from killing his neighbor. It's utter bullshit! If you were truly suicidal, you'd find SOME "reason" for it, and you would need psychiatric care, not belief in nonsense (although religion had, like dentists in the old days, a variety of "side-jobs" that included something like psychology.)

Start USING your brain, and have some courage. Inner experiences are profoundly important, and utterly unreal - as unreal as every "god" ever offered up by humanity(s imaginations, whether fevered or calculating. You need great belief AND great skepticism to gain enlightenment in Buddhism, but better no faith than no skepticism, so stop kiding yourself (and stop trying to jerk the ret of us around: we aren't falling for it.)

Sat, 04 Nov 2006 15:20:00 UTC | #7029

goddogit's Avatar Comment 3 by goddogit

Svend, would you re-phrase comment #7 so that it means something? And, sincerely NOT intending to insult you, are you a non-English speaker?

Sat, 04 Nov 2006 16:13:00 UTC | #7031

goddogit's Avatar Comment 4 by goddogit

So, Svend, now that your previously cloudily expressed opinions are in comprehensible English, let's stop pussyfooting around: do you believe in a personal god, and therefore "miracles" and supernatural (not merely yet-to-be-explained) events?

If not, you are simply someone who, In Dennett's phrase (if I recall it correctly) is childish enough to "believe in belief."

Oh, and "devance" is nuttier than a fuitcake and a box o' granola! And might think about taking a beginning Creative Writing class to help her/him rewrite dreck into either a beautiful or amusing form. Mental wanking like that really shouldn't be posted where others have to see it!

Sun, 05 Nov 2006 14:48:00 UTC | #7071