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Preventing More Lal Masjids - Comments

geckoman's Avatar Comment 1 by geckoman

I sincerely hope that the author is well protected from the extremists he writes about. Based at a University in Islmabad, he must fear for his safety. His courage in writing about this and in raising the issues he mentions with his students is admirable.

Tue, 17 Jul 2007 18:53:00 UTC | #53752

Solarium Solaris's Avatar Comment 2 by Solarium Solaris

I hope the same, geckoman. I wonder why the recent resurgence in extremism. I mean, Islam has been around for centuries and its teachings haven't really changed, so why is it now that so many more are turning to violence?

Tue, 17 Jul 2007 19:02:00 UTC | #53754

geckoman's Avatar Comment 3 by geckoman


1.Technology-you can do more damage with an AK47 and semtex than with a scimitar.

2.Self-perpetuation- when killings begin, notions of heroism, vengeance, martyrdom etc figure.

3. Communication- easier to recruit, plan and execute violence with cell phones, internet. Also easier to get media coverage and impress the gullible.

4. Travel-you can take the fight to the enemy in his land

5. A more easily identifiable enemy- USA, UK armed forces present in Islamic countries.

Tue, 17 Jul 2007 19:24:00 UTC | #53757

Goldy's Avatar Comment 4 by Goldy

Solarium, your comments reminded me of this - read it during lunch...
As to the Red Mosque siege, the BBCs HYS did appear to be very full of Pakistanis that applauded the General's actions and despised the radicals. Mind you, a lot did also say it was wrong for muslims to kill other muslims - the implication that could be read into that was that it was OK to kill non-muslims....but you would have to be biased in the first place to put those words into the contributor's mouth (or pen).

Tue, 17 Jul 2007 19:35:00 UTC | #53761

Corylus's Avatar Comment 5 by Corylus

Completely trivial point, but I can't help but notice the following:

for them the comic sight of the bearded Maulana Abdul Aziz fleeing in a burqa...
A terroist attempting the flee Britain recently tried to get out in a burqa (unfortunately for him was well over 6ft so suspicions were raised). I have even heard what is, I suspect an urban myth, that Bin Laden gets about in one.

I would have thought that there would be a huge taboo and restriction in Islam against the wearing of clothes not of your gender. Yet noone seems to bat an eyelid when it is done. Can anyone tell me what gives?

(For Little Britian fans: is it ok if they say "I'm a Ladeee")

Tue, 17 Jul 2007 23:35:00 UTC | #53797

_J_'s Avatar Comment 6 by _J_

Goldy, 4

Interesting link.

When I visited the page, though, I was distracted (this is off topic) by evidence of advertising based on supernaturalist assumptions. An advert popped up that begged me to avoid regretting not taking out Norwich Union Life Insurance.

Norwich Union's website says:

Life insurance from Norwich Union pays a lump sum if you die during the term.

I would have thought that Life Insurance was the one type of insurance I would never be in a position to regret not taking out.

Or does Norwich Union know something I don't?

Wed, 18 Jul 2007 03:02:00 UTC | #53828

logical's Avatar Comment 7 by logical

if you can read French better than I do, check the number of French noblemen fleeing in nunĀ“s habits during the revolution.
A bundle of fabric supposed to say nothing is perfect cover - very rational!

Wed, 18 Jul 2007 03:44:00 UTC | #53838

Luthien's Avatar Comment 8 by Luthien

2. Comment #56911 by Solarium Solaris on July 17, 2007 at 8:02 pm
I hope the same, geckoman. I wonder why the recent resurgence in extremism. I mean, Islam has been around for centuries and its teachings haven't really changed, so why is it now that so many more are turning to violence?

The sad truth is that, in a way, we all fund it via Saudi oil money. From the muslim brotherhood to "islamic" children's text books in the UK (full of anti sematism and hatred against "infidels"), they are all funded via this vast virtually bottomless fund. Before oil became important they didn't have the resources to spread it in the same way that the catholic church could spread theirs (they had the resources of the former roman empire at their command at one point, and it still shows).

Wed, 18 Jul 2007 13:13:00 UTC | #54031

Jiten's Avatar Comment 9 by Jiten

one must not minimize the danger posed by madrassas

This is where the virus enters their minds.Nothing to do exclusively with socio-economic factors,although these play contributory role.

Wed, 18 Jul 2007 13:58:00 UTC | #54050