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Youtube hater, I respect your right to free speech.

As I went through youtube I found it funny that three of the counter responses to our work were overtly logically weak, riddled in strawmen, false assertions, and behavior even more childish than the kind I advocate. What follows is an extensive debunking, there was nothing really to debunk in the other two as they were strictly false caricatures. I highly suggest you do this in two screens, open the youtube video in a new window. Then go through the video pausing it as you read my points.

(I'll comment on the first minute in a minute)

1:03 She repeats my "silence all critics" comment in my favorite debunking of all debunkings, it's called the Repeat What You Said And Delude Myself That There Is Something Wrong With That. Or... R.W.Y.S.A.D.M.T.T.I.S.W.W.T. for short.

1:18 R.W.Y.S.A.D.M.T.T.I.S.W.W.T.

1:20-1:31 Sablechicken makes claim that I took video and sliced and diced it to defame their character. That statement is false. In fact it might even be slander, it's cool. I had never posted a single video ever about Kent Hovind in my profile. I consider Kent and his ilk to be so dishonest that they aren't worthy of consideration for conversation conducive to growth. I've never had his material up, nor have I sliced his material.

1:32-1:37 Sablechicken says I (Sapient) think someone else broke a copyright law. Here is a video outlining why.

1:40-2:09 Extended R.W.Y.S.A.D.M.T.T.I.S.W.W.T.

2:11- 2:17 Actually it's a video of me on the phone leaving a message for a federal prosecutor who I spoke to the next day. I have a lawyer, but don't need one for this case yet. I am not at liberty to discuss communications I have with my lawyer on this issue or any other issue like my case with Uri Geller.

2:18-2:30 Extended R.W.Y.S.A.D.M.T.T.I.S.W.W.T.

2:31-2:32 "What in the world" defense. Socrates used to use this one.

2:33-2:40 Sablechicken points out I went for 45 hours without sleep and says "what kind of cult is this." This is known as a red herring,, others would call it batshit insane. Working a long day does not make a person part of a cult. if you wanted to make an argument against sleep deprivation you could have spoke about the fatigue and poor decision making that someone goes through when they are deprived of sleep. I of course would have responded by stating that I didn't want to miss a minute of the action, I wanted to pursue my goal, and that even if I was functioning at 10%, I am effective enough to expose dishonesty of people like Hovind in a cogent manner.

"The longest continuous work period observed was 58 hours (08:00 Saturday to 06:00 Monday) and the longest work period was 60.5 hours. Calculations showed that a one-week sickness leave of one intern would require the other two interns in the ward to increase their workload by 20 hours."

Oh Noes!! That doctor, is in a doctor cult!! WARNING WARNING!! Isn't it ironic that the fear you tried to breed in your "cult" comment is the fear you inferred we were applying in the first 42 seconds of your video?

2:41-2:43 The "this is ridiculous" response. The best response to this response is to say "that's ridiculous!" I believe it was Plato that contrived the now famous "this is ridiculous" response, now generally only used by people who are unable to defend themselves.

2:44-2:50 WARNING WARNING "Anyone can see that this is a cult" Ok, ok... fine.

First you muddy the waters by calling us a cult as we are not religious and most definitions of cult would argue that cults are religious. When you look at the guy with the dress on at an alter of gold and he feeds you the blood of a dead guy after you eat a piece of the dead man, you are in a cult. When you try to protect a species from that which can harm itself, you're not in a cult, even if you work 1000 hours in a row.

What is your definition of cult?

Second, let's pretend for a moment that we are a cult. So? So what? Would that make fair use laws disappear? Would that make what Creation Science Evangelism Ministries did right?

2:51-2:56 I wasn't guarding anything. Unless of course you mean guarding people from Creation Science Evangelism Ministries is guarding something.

2:57-3:01 You're right I did need sleep. Congratulations on saying something relevant!

3:02-3:05 the "it gets better" defense followed by R.W.Y.S.A.D.M.T.T.I.S.W.W.T.

3:24 No we would ask ourselves "What is this Rational Response Squad." YOU'RE the one who would ask the question in that manner so as to help reinforce your own self delusions that we hold an irrational position here.

3:29 We're not simply "all about taking a blasphemy challenge." We're all about holding up societies actions to public and logical scrutiny. Because religion is the most prevalent of the corrupt and irrational institutions our world has to offer, we tend to address the claims of religion most often. You see our views pushed forward in things like the Blasphemy Challenge that haters such as yourself have helped us spread the word about. We have many other projects we are proud of Operation Spread Eagle which you are so kindly giving publicity to in a ridiculously humorous manner. We also own and are excited about the volunteer work being done in the name of atheism so that people can see we are not as vile as you so dishonestly portray us to be. We exist because of you, not in spite of you. You realize that of the (appx) 15% of atheist cultist people in this country less than 1% of the people in jail in America are cult atheist cult people? Does that tell you anything other than "What in the world?"

3:46 Sablechicken says the badges are like gambling, gambling with your soul. Actually Sablechicken we could argue that any religion or non religion you choose is an equal gamble, especially when you have no proof. Which you don't. Your gamble on Christianity is risky, because it's just as likely that Zoroaster will be angry at you, and you'll ruin your chance at an afterlife. Or you could gamble the only life you actually have proof that you get, and waste it on primitive archaic inane incoherent illogically indefensible beliefs like you do. Good luck with that gamble. It's a damn good thing for the Church that when you die, you can't return for a refund.

3:57 "The Rational Response Squad, they're some kind of authority, you know like the police." - Sablechicken

4:00 R.W.Y.S.A.D.M.T.T.I.S.W.W.T.

4:04 "It makes you feel self important." I know your religion may make you feel otherwise Sable, but you are important. It's good to feel important. You should worry, only when instances of inflated self worth become delusional. We happen to realize that we're very important, and the 50+ blogs (this morning alone) that we saw from people we respect, coming to the aid of others who we want to help, added credibility to that belief. You see how it works? You need evidence for your claims, it's good knowing I have them for mine.

4:10ish "I guess this is what freethinking is all about, you must follow the herd." Since all freethinkers follow the herd, wouldn't
that make them all Christian? Moron say what? (realizing of course that the majority of the herd is Christian.)

4:25ish "They line up in droves to take a blasphemy challenge. to blaspheme something they don't even believe in which is sort of an irrational thing in itself if you think about it." Ok I thought about it, and I've formed the opinion that you're a dipstick. If you think about it you realize that the only time a rational person would ever blaspheme a god is if they don't believe that god exists. A rational person would not commit oneself to an eternity of torture if they believed in the loving god who would allow this torture pit to exist.

It should also be noted you presented no proof for your point of view. You presented the same amount of proof you have for a god, none.

4:45 The look on his face wasn't one of hypnosis. It was a result of the feeling you get when you realize you are related to people as dumb as sablechicken. But let's say there's something to your argument. Well first of all, the young man could have been on some sort of medication, he could've been tired, he could've had some sort of condition that causes him to speak slowly. If this was the case, you as a loving Christian surely spoke of him in a rude manner.

I'd also like to point out you said you were going to show us the faces of "some" of the people who took the challenge who were hypnotized, and you proceeded to show us only one person. You liar! (it's ok, you could even murder a baby, Jesus will forgive your guilty sinner ass)

5:37 Your argument that it appeared like someone was holding a gun to that guys head: This is the closest thing resembling an actual argument that you've offered so far, so good job there. The only problem is, I've got a psychologist buddy holding two masters degrees and almost a PhD who would remind me that what you're doing is projecting. YOU feel like YOU have a gun to YOUR head, so when you see his video, it draws up those feelings in you. And it completely makes sense. You are taught to believe in this or burn forever.

You do have a gun to your head. The biggest and scariest gun we've ever had on Earth and it's pointed at your head. And here's the best part.... the gun isn't really even there, but since so many people believe it's there, it's easier to convince yourself that it is. And all of those people who falsely believe, give chunks of their money to this "believe in this or burn forever" terroristic system... and groups like ours are born to protect you from it.

Furthermore, I'll even protect your rights to make videos illustrating to others how unintelligent you are. You wont find me submitting a DMCA takedown notice because some of my material was in your video (the equivalent to some of the cases in which CSEM submitted take down notices). I realize you have a right to show it and criticize it with your Christarded opinion. In fact I even plan to host videos from other haters in this thread.

I encourage others to take the time to write in full text their thrashings of other irrational opinions in this thread. Her video is featuring several childish responses. here (one big projection) and here.

5:48 "taking the blasphemy challenge seems to just suck the life out of you" (refer to your own previous analogy to see the projection)

The truth is, ,religion sucks the life out of you and you are projecting. Here, this is for you...

5:55 You heeded warning not to take the blasphemy challenge, but haven't offered any reason. You said something about "being on the safe side." I know all about the safe side, I've been on it for about 8 years after I left Fairy Tale LaLa land. Would you like to join us on the safe side? We have alcohol and strippers (Christian strippers too).

6:03 "RabidApe got suspended too. I think it's a permanent suspension." No actually his suspension is based on a false copyright claim submitted by Creation Science Evangelism Unlimited Incorporated Church of God Dinosauric Scientific Jesus Rode A Brontosaurus Ministries. He will likely be vindicated and clear in about 14 days, however if the CSEUICOGDSJRAB want to try and go to court with Rabidape he may have to wait longer. It'd be awfully stupid for them to go to court. They should retract the false DMCA claims they made immediately to avoid harm. I'm fairly sure my advice wont be heeded. CSEM has a history of not knowing when to admit guilt, which they should do immediately so it's not worse down the road.

6:37 You comment on Rabidape smoking, and imply that if you do, you aren't living life to the fullest and that atheists aren't embracing the idea that there is only one life to live. Holy shit! You actually make a fairly decent point. I mean it is completely off topic like much of the video, you don't really deal with the copyright issue, instead you make a video that leads one to believe that you condone illegal activity for Christ. I would like to use your question as an opportunity to ask fellow atheists what they think of this issue. I want to see their answers.

7:25 Here's the deal...

7:35 "atheists want to see where the borders of free speech are." Could you please point us to your proof for that claim? It's an interesting hypothesis, but do you have some sort of proof? Not evidence... proof.

7:55 obsesses over rabidapes crotch talking about banging big or something.

8:10 "these people take science like it is a religion." Excuse me jerkoff but I don't take science as if it's fake, which is how I take religion. Religion is fake, science is knowledge based on study. Are you implying that science is somehow not a good means to determine reality? How will you prove it without science? Faith?

It's not a religion, but if you don't agree that science is interesting you can fuck off.

8:16 has big bang crotch problems. Wow, obsess much? This is uncomfortable.

8:21 Big bang crotches somehow give Christians doubt that science should be taken seriously:
First of all you already do take science seriously. If you didn't you'd probably be bed ridden or some such. Every single piece of technology you utilize in the world today is a result of science. Every single medical advancement you receive today is a result of science (unless of course you're using those quack doctors, and in your case I'd imagine you're susceptible to falling prey to that nonsense.)

If you don't think you already take science seriously then what are you doing holding a video camera made through scientific advancement, uploading the video to the internet on a site developed through scientific testing?

This reminds me. I think we're at the point now, where if you don't support stem cell research, you should have to sign off on a form forfeiting your rights to allow it to extend your life or increase your lifestyle later.

8:54 the point was too stupid to follow. "think think think" was the end of the point. I guess this was another projection of her own flaws?

8:55 "this is an irrational emergency" I know I know. It's ok. Like I said, come to the safe side, alcohol and Christian strippers.

The rest of the video was accurate, we have an irrational emergency and I wish I would have thought of the idea myself for a video. Mind if we use it?


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