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Help Counter the New Atheist Crusade to 'Evangelize' America!

The following is a mass email message sent out by Coral Ridge Ministries Apparently, we have created a little a stir!

Atheism is nothing new, we all know about it. But in the past 12 months there have been disturbing developments in this country. There is a new breed of atheists on the scene. They are skilled men and women mounting an aggressive crusade to "evangelize" America.

Atheists are a minority of the population, but they have made startling inroads into centers of national influence: the media, the education system, movies and television, and more. Famed market researcher George Barna ominously warns Christians: "The new evangelists are atheists."

Just this summer, while our children and grandchildren were away at Bible camp, hundreds of other children were attending a new, nationwide network of camps designed as training grounds for young atheists. These camps feature talks on famous "free thinkers" such as Isaac Asimov and Ted Turner . . . and games such as the "invisible unicorn exercise" where campers must try to prove that imaginary unicorns, used as a metaphor for God, don't (STET) exist.

Jesus said, "But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea" (Mark 9:42 NKJV).

Countless people "young and old" wrestle with doubt. For their sake, you and I must respond to the challenge of the New Atheists. Coral Ridge Ministries is dedicated to combating atheist attacks on Christianity through our media ministry. Media is activism and media is influence. We are going to fight back against the attacks of the "new atheists" by growing Coral Ridge Ministries into a media powerhouse to spread the gospel and expose the lies of atheism with greater force, innovation, and effect than ever before, but we can't do it without your help.

That's why, for your gift today; I will send you a copy of Dr. Kennedy's classic book Skeptics Answered. On any given day, you could encounter someone who has doubts . . . has difficult questions . . . or harbors hostility to the Truth. This book will arm you with intelligent answers to the most common arguments and questions that skeptics use.

Thank you in advance for your gift to help spread the Truth to the world and counter the attacks of the "New Atheists."

Please Click Here to order your copy of 'Skeptics Answered'

In His Grace,

Brian Fisher
President and CEO,
Coral Ridge Ministries



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