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Hello Again, Michael Behe!

Behe has been exposed as such a fraud - in the Dover, PA case, in print and elsewhere - I feel bad about giving him any space on this website. His latest claim has to do with HIV and his startling conclusion is that evolution doesn't happen, and God did it. Sa Smith (who works with HIV) has written a response to his claims at the link below.

Thanks to Brandon Burton for the link.

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Hello again, Michael Behe*! Im glad you found the time to reply to my essay, as your response provided me with yet another opportunity to write about really cool research that you are blissfully (arrogantly?) unaware of, and yet another opportunity to expose the fact you are a charlatan to the entire planet! Yay!

For instance, though your hackneyed attempts at personal insults might have offended Arnie**, I see them as a great opportunity to highlight the arrogance of Creationists like yourself. One defining characteristics of Creationists is that no matter what their educational background, their highest attained degree is treated as a carte blanche for authority in any topic under the sun. For example, when I recently attended a presentation by William Dembski, I found out that a PhD in a field of mathematics automatically makes one an authority in microbiology, quantum mechanics, and even architecture. Hence no one should be surprised at your arrogance, claiming you know more about HIV-1 evolution than everyone in the HIV research community, even the people whos papers you chose to cite (more on that later).

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