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Yoko Ono sues over use of John Lennon videos

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Yoko Ono sues over use of John Lennon videos

NEW YORK (AFP) - Beatle John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono is suing two companies over the rights to videos of her late husband, one of which shows Lennon smoking marijuana, composing songs and wondering if he should drug Richard Nixon.

Ono's lawsuit against World Wide Video, a consortium of Beatles collectors who claim they bought the Lennon home video from Ono's first husband Anthony Cox, is due for a preliminary hearing in a Massachusetts district court on April 30, according to court documents.

World Wide Video has filed its own lawsuit claiming ownership of the video that it has titled "3 Days in the Life," billing it as "a most intimate and no-holds-barred" look at Lennon's private life with his family and friends.

The video, shot by Cox, includes images of Lennon smoking marijuana, speculating about lacing then-US president Richard Nixon's tea with LSD, and composing songs including "Remember" and "Mind Games."

"Our film allows a new generation to share with those who lived through those times, a deep and penetrating look at the many sides of the man who set new standards in art, music, fashion and politics," company executive producer Ray Thomas said in a statement.

In a separate lawsuit filed here in a Manhattan federal court, Ono claims Premise Media and Rocky Mountain Pictures used a video clip of Lennon singing "Imagine" without her approval.

The clip is included in "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," a documentary that questions Darwin's theory of evolution.

Ono maintains that the documentary's credits could mislead viewers about her having authorized Lennon's clip.

Premise Media and Rocky Mountain Pictures said in a statement that they only used "a very small portion of the song."



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