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Pelosi, Reid shunning Ten Commandments?

Honest, his name is BUTTS (we couldn't make this stuff up)

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A coalition of faith-based groups has joined forces, calling on Congress to pass resolutions in both houses to focus on the Ten Commandments.

Bill Murray, son of deceased atheist leader Madelyn Murray O'Hair and chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, is part of the pro-Ten Commandments coalition.

"Both of these [resolutions] would authorize a Ten Commandments weekend in order to recognize the Ten Commandments as the foundation of law in this country," Murray explains. "But with Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House and Harry Reid in charge of the Senate, we can't have a voice. We can't get these out and open and celebrate the Ten Commandments," he contends.

According to Murray, it will take a grassroots effort to get a vote. "Hopefully, people will get the word that these resolutions exist and call their congressman and call their senators and let them know that we need these passed," Murray points out.

Murray says the resolutions are stalled. "The prospect of passing anything that respects our social values and the Christian heritage of the nation is extremely difficult," he laments. "Nancy Pelosi has spent most of the time as House Speaker naming federal buildings .... Over 40 percent of the bills that have passed were to name buildings.

"She's done things like putting soybeans in the congressional cafeteria, and nothing happens there," he continues. "And if it has anything to do with the cause of Christ or with social values or family values, it's just totally ignored. It's very difficult and we need to bring pressure to bear upon her to do things like this," Murray urges.

Strangely enough, the Supreme Court has a Ten Commandments display, but Congress so far will not budge on honoring them.



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