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Animal Science Without Evolution

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Animal Science Without Evolution

MEDIA ADVISORY, May 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Fascination with animals permeates childhood. Yet, with biology books oozing evolutionary propaganda and conjecture, an animal enthusiast's faith in the Bible is in danger of erosion. So how can a Christian child maintain and grow their faith if they want to study animals? The answer is the latest book in Jeannie Fulbright's creation science series, Exploring Creation with Zoology III, which covers the land animals created on the sixth day.

Released in March 2008, Christian book stores are already selling out of this well researched, scientifically profound book, which is the fifth book in Fulbright's creation science sequence. Covering all the land creatures from parasites to primates, Exploring Creation with Zoology III presents scientifically sound teaching, along with evidence for deliberate design, a biblical model for origins and explanations that expose the absurdity of evolutionary leaps of logic. All this is accessible to a child, with Fulbright's engaging writing style, full color photos and entertaining experiments and projects. Many children and parents alike will appreciate the chapter dedicated to dinosaurs. Not only will they learn the scientific classifications of the dinosaur kinds and become virtual experts in the field, families will discover data that supports the dinosaurs' recent history on planet earth.

"The animals God created are beyond fascinating. Children need a resource with which they can study them in-depth, one which does not compromise their faith or sow seeds of doubt," Fulbright communicated at a recent conference in Georgia.

One parent from Maine, commenting on a previous book in the series, wrote, '[This book is] written at a level that kids can understand. Mrs. Fulbright tackles the science of God's creation in such an inviting way that some days it's hard to stop reading. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this book and any other in the series."

Fulbright's books can be ordered from any bookstore, including, Christian Book Distributors ( or directly from the publisher, Apologia Educational Ministries (

If you would like more information on this book series, high resolution images or to schedule an interview with Jeannie Fulbright, please visit Jeannie's website at, or e-mail Jeannie at



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