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Behe's Empty Box

Behe's Empty Box

Some years ago, John Catalano, of New York, was a kind of predecessor of Josh who ran a website which was a kind of predecessor of this one. One of the many good things John did was to maintain a section called "Behe's Empty Box". You might be surprised that it is necessary to pay attention to Behe. Unfortunately, it is. I frequently get letters from people who have read Darwin's Black Box and seem persuaded by it. It is very useful to refer them to Behe's Empty Box. It has not been maintained now for seven years but, since nothing worthwhile has come from Behe during that time, it is still very valuable and we are posting a link to it here.

Richard Dawkins



No fence to sit on

David Catchpoole - Creation... Comments

Neutrality is impossible in the creation/evolution debate

Stop Governor Jindal’s Creationist...

Zack Kopplin - Repealing the... Comments

Stop Governor Jindal’s Creationist Voucher Program Before Governor Romney Takes it Nationwide

Ending the Wedge

Adam Rutherford - New Humanist Comments

A recognised creationist tactic involves scoring minor victories against the teaching of evolution, and recent controversies over free schools and the Giant’s Causeway suggest it is succeeding in the UK. It’s time the strategy was exposed

Free School due to open in September...

- - British Humanist Association Comments

Free School due to open in September 2012 will ‘teach creation as a scientific theory’

Richard Dawkins on Radio Ulster -...

- - UTV Comments

An exhibit in the new Giants' Causeway Visitors' Centre acknowledges the creationist view of how the world-famous stones were formed.

What's the Matter With Creationism?

Katha Pollitt - The Nation Comments

The worst thing about the recent Gallup poll on evolution is that the proportion of college graduates who are creationists is exactly the same as for the general public.





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