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NEW DVD: Richard Dawkins: Appearances & Events 2007-2008

RICHARD DAWKINS at his best on science, religion, and everything in between.

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Richard Dawkins: Appearances & Events 2007-2008 DVD

While touring in support of his worldwide bestseller The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins made the case for removing the “kid gloves” when dealing with religion. To sold-out crowds on college campuses across America, he described a new “wave of reason” which he feels is sweeping the globe. With his trademark wit and humor, Dawkins attempts to raise consciousness about religious beliefs and their absurd, unquestioned acceptance in the modern world.

Also included in this collection are two Biology lectures, which Dawkins delivered during a trip to the Galapagos Islands. One covers Neo-Darwinism, and the other explains Sex Ratio Theory and Sexual Selection.

• The God Delusion paperback tour lecture with Q&A (Berkeley, March 8, 2008)
• Q&A from NYC tour event (New York City, March 15, 2008)
• Interview at the Edinburgh Book Festival (Edinburgh, August 11, 2008)
• Lecture on Neo-Darwinism (Galapagos Islands, May 13, 2007)
• Lecture on Sex Ratio Theory and Sexual Selection (Galapagos Islands, May 15, 2007)
• Comments on Darwin’s visit to the Galapagos (Galapagos Islands, May 16, 2007)

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NTSC All-Region (Zero)
Run Time: 256 min
Subtitles: None

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The DVD 10-pack



Atheists On Religion, Science, And...

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Cara Santa Maria (Senior Science Correspondent, leads this week's panel on 'The Point' to discuss these issues and more with Michael Shermer (Publisher - Skeptic Magazine), Sean Carroll (Theoretical Physicist - Caltech), and Edward Falzon (author of 'Being Gay Is Disgusting').


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WALK DARWIN’S TREE OF LIFE ~ 26 AUGUST 2012 - event begins on Saturday 25 August

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I was invited several months ago to speak at the Faclan Book Festival in Stornoway and I was delighted to accept, as I have a great affection for the Highlands and Islands but have never visited Lewis and have heard such good things about its beauty and about the friendliness of the islanders.


Andy Liegl - CBR (Comic Book... Comments

In front of a packed crowd during his panel titled "My Two Years with Dawkins, Christ and a Small Crab Called Eric" at Comic-Con International in San Diego, artist, writer and indie filmmaker Dave McKean recounted two recent life events on radically opposite ends of the philosophical spectrum: an all-ages book he illustrated with scientist and Atheism proponent Richard Dawkins called "The Magic of Reality," and a film he shot starring Michael Sheen in Port Talbot, Wales called "The Gospel of Us," a modern day interpretation of "The Passion" story chronicling Jesus Christ's final days of life on Earth.

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Jacob Fortin - The Good Atheist 103 Comments

Update 6/7 - podcast

"Faith: Pretending to know things you don't know"

What Would Darwin Say to Today's...

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Many creationist arguments would be familiar to Darwin. But others--such as Young Earth Creationism--would have baffled him. Genie Scott explores the then and now of creationism. Where: Transylvania University. When: 2/15/2012



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