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Somalia: Rape Victim Executed - Comments

Ex~'s Avatar Comment 1 by Ex~

Sick and perverse. God save us all.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:10:00 UTC | #260460

GordonYKWong's Avatar Comment 2 by GordonYKWong

A group of men performed the execution in one of the city's main squares in front of thousands of people, AFP news agency said.
I hope those fucksticks are proud of themselves, the pack of bullying depraved medieval apes.

Words fail me...

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:13:00 UTC | #260463

Brian English's Avatar Comment 3 by Brian English

Now now, we all know it's the culture, not religion that is the root of such behavior. Relgion, especially Islam is peaceful and loving, really. I shit you not!

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:16:00 UTC | #260467

Tetsujin's Avatar Comment 4 by Tetsujin

¨...said Sheikh Hayakallah¨

Contrary to my father´s belief. There are no certain ¨conditions¨ that need to be met before some sheikh declares a woman needs to be stoned. An accusation is enough. Of course my interpretation isn´t as well informed as the mullahs/maullanas/sheikhs

Another reminder why I left.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:17:00 UTC | #260468

Goldy's Avatar Comment 6 by Goldy

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:18:00 UTC | #260470

Neuro's Avatar Comment 5 by Neuro


Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:18:00 UTC | #260469

Brian English's Avatar Comment 7 by Brian English

Goldy, in that case, she probably wanted to die because she'd already been traumatized and living in a society that treats rape victims as sluts might not have been appetizing.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:20:00 UTC | #260473

Goldy's Avatar Comment 8 by Goldy

Always a silver lining, Brian. Though there was a lot more printed in the BBC a couple of days ago. In trying to keep order (the woman's relatives were, shall we say, restive) a child was shot and killed.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:22:00 UTC | #260474

Brian English's Avatar Comment 9 by Brian English

Well, as long as order was maintained.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:23:00 UTC | #260475

Goldy's Avatar Comment 10 by Goldy

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:24:00 UTC | #260476

Goldy's Avatar Comment 11 by Goldy

"She was asked several times to review her confession but she stressed that she wanted Sharia law and the deserved punishment to apply," said Sheikh Hayakallah.

"We were told she submitted herself to be punished, yet we could see her screaming as she was forcefully bound, legs and hands. A relative of hers ran towards her, but the Islamists opened fire and killed a child."

Kicking and screaming, eh? That sounds like the actions of someone who was resigned to her fate...

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:25:00 UTC | #260478

Brian English's Avatar Comment 12 by Brian English

Kicking and screaming, eh? That sounds like the actions of someone who was resigned to her fate...
Well, she was an adulteress, that would mean that she'd go to hell and have her hide burnt off and replaced on a regular basis. Perhaps, if she believed that, she might be a tad frightened. Or more likely she was shit scared of dying.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:28:00 UTC | #260484

a non e-moose's Avatar Comment 13 by a non e-moose

at least they're consistent with their own theology, unlike moderate believers, gotta give them that...

Edit. i realize that's a horribly cynical comment. Do not interpret it as that I m saying that theology is in any way an excuse for murder.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:30:00 UTC | #260487

LeeC's Avatar Comment 14 by LeeC

Has any reports from Muslims been reported on this in the western press.

Are they saying that it is sick - I want to know.

If they are silent, then it is as if they threw the stones themselves.


Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:32:00 UTC | #260489

root2squared's Avatar Comment 15 by root2squared

If I had been a religious person *shudder*, this would have been enough to convince me that God does not exist.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:47:00 UTC | #260496

Bonzai's Avatar Comment 16 by Bonzai

Sick fucks. I wish someone have dropped a fucking bomb on the crowd gathered to throw the stones.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:53:00 UTC | #260501

tieInterceptor's Avatar Comment 17 by tieInterceptor

Has any reports from Muslims been reported on this in the western press.

Are they saying that it is sick - I want to know.

If they are silent, then it is as if they threw the stones themselves.


nah, they are too busy checking all the teddy bear name tags.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:55:00 UTC | #260504

PrimeNumbers's Avatar Comment 18 by PrimeNumbers

Yet another example of the horrible Islam disease. Not content in peaching hell for the afterlife, they try to create hell on earth.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 17:09:00 UTC | #260515

MaxWeiss's Avatar Comment 19 by MaxWeiss

As a general rule, I am opposed to the government protecting citizens from themselves, but this is a clear case where it's just stupid to let her accept her punishment. As citizens of the world and as decent people, we SHOULD actively be trying to interfere with and dismantle the fundamentalist Islamic culture. This is wrong, plain and simple.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 17:35:00 UTC | #260524

LeeC's Avatar Comment 20 by LeeC

17. Comment #274159 by tieInterceptor
nah, they are too busy checking all the teddy bear name tags.

Sad but true.

It then makes them part of the crime.

That is what really pissed me off after the London bombings - they all were busy making excuses for their religion, rather than just saying that these 'people' are sick fucks and have no place in their religion. How hard should it have been to say that'

It took days before I heard any Muslim say something against the attackers.

It's the same here.

If they do not come out and say something against this, then their silence will be showing their true beliefs - they accept it, they approve of it.

To be clear, remember I am asking only about Western countries - where we have (for the moment) freedom of speech.


Wed, 29 Oct 2008 17:58:00 UTC | #260536

Border Collie's Avatar Comment 21 by Border Collie

Like I've said before ... It takes a group (nonetheless) of real manly men to stone one woman to death. And, for their safety's sake, they buried her up to her neck first. She probably would have been terribly dangerous otherwise. Damn, I certainly hope these guys are around if I ever get attacked by a twenty three year old woman. And, I hope, that if I ever grow up, I can be just like these guys. You guys are MY heroes and I hope you get to be on Wheaties boxes someday. I'm getting light-headed just thinking about the depth of the Islamist heroism going on here.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 17:59:00 UTC | #260538

j.mills's Avatar Comment 22 by j.mills

I thoroughly join in the condemnation of this barbarity, obviously.

But as to Western Muslims speaking out, the ordinary Muslim has no greater a voice than any other citizen. The media look to those famous 'community leaders' we hear so much about. We can't on the one hand complain that those 'leaders' aren't representative, and on the other assume that their apologetics are typical of the entire Muslim population. It's entirely possible that they are typical - I'm just saying you can't judge the opinions of millions of people with no special media access on the basis of the opinions of the self-appointed media-savvy handful who do get themselves heard.

Even so, I struggle to see how anyone, professional apologist or not, could offer any excuse for this vicious execution.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 18:08:00 UTC | #260546

OutragedofDaylesford's Avatar Comment 23 by OutragedofDaylesford

When Sharia law is introduced in Britain, will it be possible to rent major stadiums such as Wembley, or Lords for events like this ? Or will Muslims again be treated as second class citizens and relegated to inferior venues such as Wimbledon ?

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:03:00 UTC | #260571

Caudimordax's Avatar Comment 24 by Caudimordax

To think that the "people" who carried out the stoning went home thinking they had done god's will ... really makes my blood boil.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:08:00 UTC | #260573

Goldy's Avatar Comment 25 by Goldy

From the Telegraph

During the stoning furious relatives surged forward to try to save the woman, prompting guards to open fire, killing a child.

If there is a way to help these people...
Hard thing - Somalia is a fucked country. It was fucked by the Italians, the British and others, wracked by war, clan mentality and warlordism, invaded by Ethiopia and now this by hardline Islamists who are probably sponsored by our mates the Saudis.
In the news, I hear there were suicide bombings in Somaliland and Puntland is under a bit of pressure to try and stem the piracy that makes it's couastline the most heavily pirated in the world.
DP, if you ever get to read these threads, this is what a lack of government does to a country. This is what one is reduced to without taxes being paid.

One can read a bit about the region here'scp=2&sq=eritrea&st=cse
OK, Eritrea is not quite Somalia, but the Eritreans are accused by the US of sponsoring the IC as they are also wary of the Ethiopians.

A huge clusterfuck of a land.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:17:00 UTC | #260578

Pete H's Avatar Comment 26 by Pete H

Fortunately for Western women you can't bury them up to the neck in Astroturf. And the clay courts at Wimbledon are too hard to dig. So the specified Sharia punishments cannot be performed in the venues available places like London.

But there is perverse logic to these stories.
It’s easy to understand how a rape victim can be regarded as an adulterer. It’s nothing unique to Islam. All societies tend to regard rape victims as sluts. The penalties for being accused as a female adulterer are severe everywhere, regardless of legal logic, evidence, or culture. There must be some evolutionary psychology explanation – I have no idea what it is but the situation is such an obvious strategy that it is continually reinvented by rapists.

Rape victims often endure further humiliation and bullying via malicious smear campaigns initiated by the rapist and their friends and family. This was a major problem connected with the Islamic rape squads operating in Sydney for many years. The logic is that rapists tend to be opportunist criminals living in close proximity to their victims. Malicious rumours serve multiple purposes: it undermines the credibility of the victim in possible court proceedings, (this is the kind of sophisticated advice available by paying for very expensive and successful defence attorneys who’ve obtained the highest legal credentials from the very best legal schools), but most importantly it drives out the victim, who is forced to move away to avoid daily abuse from neighbours and former acquaintances – normally the abuse and sneering is dished out by other women who pickup on the wild rumours.

Driving out the victim via a smear campaign minimises the likelihood of the victim proceeding with a police complaint or inevitably coming into contact with, and recognising, her attacker.
Typical rapists, like most opportunistic criminals, don’t have very much in the way of initiative or resources, and tend to be stuck at home living with their mums. They tend to lack the capability of moving away to avoid recognition by the victim who lives in the vicinity. So their next best option is to exile the victim. It must be a very successful strategy, because most rape charges do not proceed to trial after it becomes clear that the defence strategy can’t argue the physical evidence. This implies they must claim consent and aggressively undermine the victim as a vexatious complainant. (The victim is usually acutely aware by this stage that people are saying things about her and her status and credibility in her community has collapsed.)

Even if the victim initially resists ostracism and instead toughs out the abuse and pursues a criminal complaint the victim will still have to leave town eventually, because the rumour damage cannot be undone. The reason is that those who assist in perpetrating malicious rumours initiated by the rapists fall prey to the same psychological mechanisms that entrench religious beliefs. They can therefore no longer regard the victim as entirely innocent, even if the rapist is convicted.

You can see how misery and damage spreads throughout a community by a single rape. Not only are enemies created between those directly involved, but the victim also becomes the enemy of many other women in the community. And this is normal even for Western communities. It must be very much worse in a culture where the status of females is barely equivalent to livestock.

In a sense the Somali rape victim is really being executed because she is an enemy, not only because she was raped or is an adulterer. There is no discrimination under Islam – all enemies are executed or enslaved. She was already enslaved, which leaves only 1 remaining option.

In Western cultures rape victims are no longer executed, but they are still punished in various ways, including a lifetime of anxiety – not necessarily in fear of potential rapists, but also in fear of how readily and eagerly other women may turn on her as a target of hatred and contempt. It’s like witch trials. It’s only a small step for them to execute themselves.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:22:00 UTC | #260583

Caudimordax's Avatar Comment 27 by Caudimordax

DP, if you ever get to read these threads, this is what a lack of government does to a country. This is what one is reduced to without taxes being paid.

Not likely - DP is a monomaniac (or, as widely suspected, a computer program)

But I completely agree with you.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:24:00 UTC | #260584

Goldy's Avatar Comment 28 by Goldy

The Islamic Penal Code of Iran is very specific regarding the details of how stoning should be executed. Article 102 states that men shall be buried up to their waists and women up to their breasts for the execution. Article 104 states, referring to the penalty for adultery, that the stones used should “not be large enough to kill the person by one or two strikes; nor should they be so small that they could not be defined as stones (pebbles.)”. In some cases, if a victim can escape from the ditch during the stoning, they will be freed. However, because women are buried up to their breasts and men only at their waists, women will have a smaller chance of escaping than men.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:30:00 UTC | #260588

Opisthokont's Avatar Comment 29 by Opisthokont

Anent #274202, #274192, and other remarks about moderate Muslims being invisible: this need not be the case. The crazies who get away with representing the people can do so only because the people allow them. If there was a massive protest by Muslims against such events, the press would notice, and the perception of Islam as an inherently brutal and unenlightened throwback would be successfully challenged. It should not be hard to find a hundred or so progressively-minded Muslims in London to picket outside the office of their so-called community leaders every time they say something regressive or stupid. Unless, of course, such people do not exist: and silence on their part is as good as nonexistence.

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:53:00 UTC | #260596

LeeC's Avatar Comment 30 by LeeC

22. Comment #274202 by j.mills
But as to Western Muslims speaking out, the ordinary Muslim has no greater a voice than any other citizen.

Can they write to newspapers - comment on websites and news stories - I'm just asking if anyone has seen their outcry. I would be interested to know that’s all.

Maybe the outlet to express their views isn’t there – I hope this isn’t the case, but I would like to know one way or the other.

As for the wider media - What about these Muslims who DO make it onto television and radio news, what about their voice - if they say nothing against this type of act, they are to me in support of it.

If these people do not represent the community - then the community should say something about it – write to the TV channels to ensure they are not misrepresented. Who knows, but I would like to know.

My point is merely that I do not hear the condemnation of such acts from the Muslim community – this could be my fault for not reading or listening to the correct sources.

Hence I am trying to wake up to their voices.

If I look and find – great, I hope it can be built on.

If I look and find nothing... well, again, you tell me.

I truly hope that in the Western world Muslims find this act sickening – I’ve just not heard or read it (Ex-Muslims yes, but not Muslims) This is not to say it doesn’t exist – I am asking for sources to I can learn.

I am not judging millions of people – just asking questions I hope.

This forum is a wealth of knowledge, so I am trying to use it :-)



Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:58:00 UTC | #260597