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If you want to know why our public schools are screwed up, here's one reason

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Cynthia Dunbar has written a book. It's typical wingnut nonsense: it "refers to public education as 'a subtly deceptive tool of perversion' and calls the establishment of public schools unconstitutional and 'tyrannical.'" It goes further and says that…

…she believes public schools are unconstitutional because they undermine the scriptural authority of families to direct their children's education. Her own children have been privately educated and home-schooled.

Typical and unsurprising so far. It's a shame that she's abusing the intellectual development of her own children, but unfortunately, she has that right. At least she's not harming other kids…uh, wait a moment.

Cynthia Dunbar is on the Texas State Board of Education.

Dunbar has served as the state board's District 10 representative since 2006. Her district covers 16 counties in Southeast Texas, including half of Travis County. She is a member of the board's instruction committee, which oversees curriculum and graduation requirements, student assessment programs, library standards, and the selection of textbooks.

America's method of governing public education is severely broken when a kook and hater of public schools like this can be one of the top administrators of educational policy in one of the largest public school systems we have. And that she is evaluating textbooks and curriculum…I am appalled.

The Texas Freedom Network is on the case. I think we need something deeper than just booting this destructive lunatic off the board of education, though — we need sweeping structural change all across the country so that the only people put in charge of schools are those who have an interest in making them better. Do you think a corporation, for instance, would succeed if it promoted people to positions of power who openly admitted that all they wanted to do was destroy the company from within?



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