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Richard Dawkins: On The Big Questions this week

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Nicky Campbell hosts the first edition of the new series of The Big Questions live from Croydon.

On the panel are Kelvin MacKenzie, former editor of The Sun; Steve Chalke, founder of Oasis Trust; Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Queen's chaplain; and Professor Richards Dawkins, the renowned atheist.

The panel and studio audience will be debating a range of topical moral and religious issues. Join the debate on the message board.

Join the audience:

The Big Questions will be visiting Oxford on 4 January, Leicester on 11 January, Canterbury on 18 January and Edinburgh on 25 January.

If you would like to join the audience on The Big Questions please contact us.

Important: Your contact details will retained by Mentorn, an independent production company which produces The Big Questions for the BBC, so that Mentorn may contact you about appearing in the audience for the current series of The Big Questions. Your details will not be retained after the current series has ended.

Due to the volume of requests received, Mentorn may be unable to reply to everyone who contacts them.

If you agree with this usage and would like to send your details to Mentorn then please email Ruth Mayer on



Richard Dawkins: 2 live TV appearances...


  1. Sky News at 3.30 pm GMT

  2. BBC Newsnight beginning at 10.30 pm GMT.

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