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Entire Cosmos series is on Hulu

Note: The Hulu service doesn't work outside of the US right now.
Update - See Comment 12 below for using Hulu outside of the US

Reposted from Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Blog.

I’m getting lots of emails that Hulu is now carrying the entire Cosmos series (though, as far as I know, Hulu is still only available in the US). That’s very cool; Cosmos was groundbreaking and still stands today as perhaps the greatest science/astronomy TV documentary ever made.

If you watch the standard astronomy documentary these days, it’s all fast cuts and tons of information thrown at you, and in my opinion the average viewer walks away with nothing. Cosmos is slower paced, but fascinating, and Sagan took care to make everything fit in such a way that by the end all this stuff makes sense. You have a more complete idea of how science works, and how all the puzzle pieces fit together.

I would strongly urge everyone to watch the series, especially if you have curious kids. Sagan influenced a whole generation of today’s astronomers — including me — and he can still inspire a new one, too.



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