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New Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America

A very warm welcome to Sean Faircloth, who yesterday succeeded Lori Lipman Brown as Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America, the lobbying organization founded by the admirable Herb Silverman. RDFRS will continue to cooperate with the Secular Coalition (I am a member of the Advisory Board) in any way we can.

Richard Dawkins

Sean Faircloth, Executive Director

Dear Richard,

I'm Sean Faircloth, the new executive director of the Secular Coalition for America. I am a former Majority Whip of the Maine House of Representatives, a father of three, and a proud nontheist. I am excited to have the opportunity to lead this organization.

I learned of the Secular Coalition from a front-page New York Times article quoting coalition president Herb Silverman. I always thought an organization like this should exist. As soon as I learned it did, I jumped at the opportunity to help.

It's a privilege to work with such a deeply-committed, top-notch staff, and coalition members. It's an honor to work for a cause that is exactly aligned with my beliefs. I'm taking this job not because I don't believe in something, but because I do believe. I believe that nontheistic Americans are a vital part of the body politic: we deserve to be heard; we deserve to be respected.

In this historic time, we have an opportunity to expand our coalition and embolden nontheists to become activists. I do not expect anyone to support the Secular Coalition because of me. I expect millions of Americans to support our cause because, like me, they refuse to accept the persistent intrusion of religion into government policy. To stop the forces trying to entangle our government with religion, we must take this organization to the next level. Please make a generous donation today.

With your support, I'm confident that we will improve the perception of our cause, and expand and energize our coalition. The Secular Coalition will continue to fight to ensure that the rights of American nontheists are respected and preserved.

Our founding fathers specifically intended for America's government to be secular. The efforts of those who try to blur the separation of church and state have always been, and will always be, wrong. I feel passionately about these principles and this cause, and I am proud to be working for all of you.


P.S. Connect with the Secular Coalition online through our Facebook page and twitter feed seculardotorg



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