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Richard Dawkins: Universal DNA Code Is 'Knockdown' Evidence of Evolution - Comments

NewEnglandBob's Avatar Comment 1 by NewEnglandBob

Thanks to the Human Genome Project and similar projects that have uncovered the gene sequences of other animals, such as the chimpanzee, scientists can now compare the code among different species. They can be textually compared, like a Biblical scholar might compare two scrolls containing the book of Genesis.

Italics mine. An unfortunate choice of an analogy. It might be better to choose a non-biblical comparison.

Tue, 20 Oct 2009 19:39:00 UTC | #407130

fsm1965's Avatar Comment 2 by fsm1965

RE: Comment #425378 by NewEnglandBob

Especially as Genesis is a cobbling together of existing creation myths...

Tue, 20 Oct 2009 19:44:00 UTC | #407131

Jos Gibbons's Avatar Comment 3 by Jos Gibbons

Something very screwy is going on. This started out as article 4480 with the talk and the Q&A as audio files, which could be listened to or even downloaded with some skill. Then that article disappeared, although its comments section remains accessible, again with some skill. Now it's article 4481 again, but neither the version on this site nor the one on UVaToday's site features the audio files. What's going on here?

Tue, 20 Oct 2009 20:16:00 UTC | #407137

Quine's Avatar Comment 4 by Quine

<!-- -->I get the feeling that the younger people understand DNA better than fossils. Perhaps it is watching all those CSI cop shows. Sometimes when folks complain that "science does not have a complete fossil record" I reply "science has a complete DNA record." Then they want to know how there can be DNA if we don't have the fossils, and it provides the opportunity to explain how the DNA in all the livings beings of today tells the story of all that has come before.

Tue, 20 Oct 2009 21:16:00 UTC | #407148

Thurston's Avatar Comment 5 by Thurston

I should have thought the comparison between biblical scrolls and DNA was apposite. Both are dependent upon the contingent circumstances of their time with no thought of how they would be used in the coming centuries.

Tue, 20 Oct 2009 21:31:00 UTC | #407150

Moq's Avatar Comment 6 by Moq

I like the comparison with the scholar and the scrolls, ie. the proper scientific analysis of the text rather than the irrational religious application.

And it doesn't hurt to use an analogy familiar to the potential reader.

Wed, 21 Oct 2009 18:08:00 UTC | #407353