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In praise of… Baboons

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"Baboons," wrote the distinguished American biologist George B Schaller, "live in a peaceful society in which not aggression but friendship achieves the desired result." He found it humbling to contemplate the social intelligence of the primates. "Baboons are individuals; each has its own temperament and idiosyncrasies, each has its own desires and goals ... scientific papers cannot express the fundamental charm, the fleeting social entanglements, the perishable moments of a baboon's life." Schaller believed that studying baboons would help humans to a better understanding of how to live in peace, harmony, cooperation and friendship: "A contemplation of baboons can help humankind correct a skewed vision of itself." And then there are celebrity restaurant critics. AA Gill, in the course of reviewing a meal in the Sunday Times, described the pleasure of shooting a baboon, which he did last Wednesday. He apparently blew its lungs out with a soft-nosed .357 – essentially for the "naughty fun" of it.
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Rats Manipulated to be Attracted to Cats

Richard Dawkins - Comments

Rats Manipulated to be Attracted to Cats

R. Elisabeth Cornwell at TAM 2012 -...

- - TAM 2012 - JREF Comments

R. Elisabeth Cornwell at TAM 2012 - Social Networks: Civilizing the Future

Grey parrots use reasoning where...

- - The Royal Society Comments

Research suggesting that grey parrots can reason about cause and effect from audio cues alone- a skill that monkeys and dogs lack- is presented in Proceedings of the Royal Society B today.

Modern culture emerged in Africa 20,000...

Thomas H. Maugh II - LA Times Comments

Modern culture emerged in southern Africa at least 44,000 years ago, more than 20,000 years earlier than anthropologists had previously believed

The Wisdom of Not Being Too Rational

Michael Balter - Science Comments

Studies to examine how children learn tasks that are not obvious and can even be counterintuitive.

Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling...

Ker Than - National Geographic News Comments

After a poacher's snare had killed one of their own, two young mountain gorillas worked together Tuesday to find and destroy traps in their Rwandan forest home



The Politics of Religion

Editorial - The New York Times 28 Comments

The Politics of Religion

Pakistan: the moral collapse of a nation

Editorial - Guardian 59 Comments

Religion: respecting the minority

Editorial - The Guardian 52 Comments

This Christmas, for perhaps the first time ever, Britain is a majority non-religious nation



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