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It's too bad Dawkins has alienated some people

It is unfortunate, in some ways, that one of the world's foremost explainers of the theory of evolution also is one of the world's most notorious atheists.

It's not that I have anything against atheists. People are entitled to their opinions on religion, and considering the years of abuse heaped upon atheists, it's about time Richard Dawkins and others like him began fighting back. Moral atheists the world over deserve a chance to bristle a bit and get their digs in.

Dawkins' reputation gets in the way, though, when it comes to his new book, "The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution." News coverage and discussion tends to focus more on Dawkins' previous book, "The God Delusion," instead of on the science he presents here. Dawkins has been visibly irritated at times, finding himself answering questions about God when he showed up to talk about biology.

That is too darn bad, because the science he presents in "Greatest Show" is breathtaking.

Dawkins wrote this book as an answer to the oft-repeated nonsense about there being "no evidence for evolution" and it being "only a theory." Using the extended metaphor of a detective examining minute clues to lead to an inescapable conclusion, Dawkins leads the reader on a science tour of sweeping magnitude.
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