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[UPDATE] - Tuesday's Connector of the Day – Richard Dawkins

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---Fervent atheist and anti-creationist, Richard Dawkins is often referred to as "Charles Darwin's rottweiler." He has torn into the religious establishment with his claim that God is a delusion. It seems the British ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author will stop at nothing to provoke intelligent and honest debate about the truth of our existence.

His writings have inspired and angered many a reader – and now he's back with more.

Dawkins’ latest book “The Greatest Show on Earth" offers scientific evidence as proof to back-up his own theory of evolution. Like his other writings, he has provoked a mass of rebuttals. The Christian-evangelical group, Living Waters, has recently countered Dawkins’ book with an unlikely source of its own. It has re-released Darwin’s manuscript with a new 54 page foreword penned by the group’s president Ray Comfort that refutes Darwin’s theory of evolution.

This Tuesday marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species.” Dawkins joins us again as our Connector of the Day – so don't miss the opportunity to ask him about Darwin’s most celebrated and much-debated manuscript.
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London, England (CNN) -- A Christian evangelist branded an idiot by atheist biologist Richard Dawkins for trying to refute Charles Darwin's theory of evolution has brushed off the criticism.

Speaking to CNN on the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin's seminal work "On the Origin of Species," Dawkins said the evidence to support the theory that life on earth came about through natural selection, and not design by God, was "now massively buttressed by molecular evidence."

And referring to U.S.-based evangelist Ray Comfort, who argues that the universe and life is the result of an intelligent creator, Dawkins said: "There is no refutation of Darwinian evolution in existence. If a refutation ever were to come about, it would come from a scientist, and not an idiot.
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