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Sarah Palin Wants the U.S. To Be a Theocracy

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**Sarah Palin Wants the U.S. To Be a Theocracy Says Our Laws Should Be Based on Bible

But NYCA Speakers Blast Palin's Wrongful Thinking

New York--(May 21, 2010) Is America headed toward becoming a theocracy? Sarah Palin, former vice presidential candidate from Alaska and now nationwide media pundit, thinks that's not such a bad idea.

Palin has said in a recent interview with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News that U.S. laws should be based on the Bible because, she claims, that's what our forefathers planned and wanted. Putting aside the ludicrousness of that statement--history shows us our forefathers were careful to keep religion out of the Constitution--would Palin really be ready to engage in human sacrifice or all the other crazy things the Bible entreats us to do?

If our laws were based on the Bible, we'd be a bona fide "theocracy”—a nation based on religion, governed by religion. Have religion-dominated countries proved to be better, safer places to live than our present U.S? Think of Iran and other Muslim countries and be forewarned.

Democracy, Not Theocracy

NYCA's skilled respondents will take on Palin's wrongful ideas next Thursday evening at our monthly meeting at the SLC conference Center in Manhattan. Our spirited, knowledgeable speakers will be the following:

Yasmin Pooyan, a young New York attorney specializing in intellectual property. Yasmin has in-depth knowledge of how Middle Eastern theocracies work.

Eric Stunzi, founder of Secular Independent News and NYCA's Cable TV shows' video manager. Eric, an American history aficionado, has a historian's grasp of what the American founding forefathers wanted for their new country, what they did—and why they did it. The duo will show a video clip of Palin's notorious interview with O'Reilly, and then take on her erroneous ideas about how our founding fathers wrote our Constitution--and explain why.

Franklin Edited Out god

Did you know that founding father Benjamin Franklin edited the Declaration of Independence from its original "We hold these truths to be God Given...that all men are created equal..."

to "We hold these truths to be SELF EVIDENT... that all men are created equal"?

The bold Franklin took his goose-quill pen and simply crossed god out of the famous historic document!

Come on Thursday, May 27, to hear our awesome twosome set Palin straight! Come, share with us your opinion about this woman-who-would-be-president and tell us why you feel, as obviously our speakers do, that she should not ever be voted into a position where she could seriously influence American policy.


WHAT: "DOES SARAH PALIN WANT US TO BE A THEOCRACY?" a two-pronged response by Attorney Yasmin Pooyan and TV journalist Eric Stunzi to the ex-vice- presidential-candidate's belief that our laws should be based on the Bible.

WHEN: Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: SLC Conference Center, 352 Seventh Avenue (between 29th/30th) 16th Floor

COST: We would appreciate a voluntary donation of $5 to help cover the cost of the Conference space. Students and unemployed exempt.


Jane Everhart Director of Communications New York City Atheists 212-879-2687

New York City Atheists Inc. is a 501C not-for-profit educational association dedicated to the separation of church and state and to promoting the Atheist lifestyle and values. All are welcome, including agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, skeptics and those who are questioning and seeking.



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