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Irish Bishop Donal Murray resigns over cover-up of child sex abuse

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---A bishop accused of covering up the serial sex abuse of children by priests resigned yesterday and a second said he was ready to stand down as the Roman Catholic Church sought to clean up its tarnished image.

Donal Murray resigned three weeks after a government report criticised him along with four other serving bishops and five retired bishops, including Cardinal Desmond Connell, for their handling of allegations of sexual abuse by priests in the Dublin Archdiocese.

A Vatican statement did not mention the scandal but said Pope Benedict XVI had accepted Dr Murray’s resignation under a Canon Law, which calls on bishops to stand down if they cannot fulfil their duties because of a “serious reason”.

More resignations are expected. Bishop Jim Moriarty, another prelate named in the report, announced last night that he was willing to quit “for the right reasons”.
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