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Your UnitedCoR Team

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May 26 marked the last day on the job for Jende Huang, who had served as UnitedCoR coordinator since billboard activities began in March 2009. He was the one who first communicated with interested local leaders and who then handled their billboard and bus ad details. That work has shifted to National Director Fred Edwords, aided by Shaun Barbeau, the outside media broker who now handles the details of billboard and bus ads. Edwords also travels around the country, meeting with local leaders to form CoRs and then giving PR-media training seminars. Meanwhile, Jende has moved on to the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC where he works as a safety technician. We wish him the best in this exciting job opportunity that came his way.

Also serving local coalitions is Joseph McDaniel Stewart, the UnitedCoR webmaster. He’s the one who helps local CoRs secure and set up their websites. Joseph is also coordinating with the new Web designers who are working up a redesign of both the national and local UnitedCoR websites. These will be unveiled soon. Watch for details.

On the Road and Off, Building More Coalitions

In mid May a new local coalition was organized in Rochester, New York. Then in early June coalitions were organized in the central San Joaquin Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area of California. This same trip also featured PR-media training seminars at the national conference of the American Humanist Association in San Jose as well as to members of CoRs in Los Angeles and Orange County.
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NSS Conference: Challenging Religious...

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NSS Conference: Challenging Religious Privilege in Public Life Saturday 22 September 2012, 10am to 5pm, London - Keynote speaker Richard Dawkins

Press Release - New Executive Director...

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Press Release - New Executive Director Appointed

Portland Humanist Film Festival

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Join us for the third annual Portland Humanist Film Festival, which will present feature, documentary, narrative and animated films that give expression to the humanist approach to life, based on reason, science, and ethics. A precise film and speaker schedule will be announced in the coming months.

UPdate - listen to the interview -...

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Richard is on BBC Radio World Service this evening 16th July, around 21.20 British Summer Time (= 20.20 GMT

Dawkinsia, new genus

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Dawkinsia, new genus

Teresa MacBain to be Public Relations...

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