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The 10:23 Event

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At 10:23am on January 30th, more than three hundred homeopathy sceptics nationwide will be taking part in a mass homeopathic 'overdose' in protest at Boots' continued endorsement and sale of homeopathic remedies, and to raise public awareness about the fact that homeopathic remedies have nothing in them.

Sceptics and consumer rights activists will publicly swallow an entire bottle of homeopathic 'pillules' to demonstrate that these 'remedies', prepared according to a long-discredited 18th century ritual, are nothing but sugar pills.

The protest will raise public awareness about the reality of homeopathy, and put further pressure on Boots to live up to its responsibilites as the 'scientist on the high street' and stop selling treatments which do not work.

If you want to get involved with the event, contact your nearest skeptics in the pub organisation. National press enquiries should be directed to Martin Robbins (
From: Libel Reform
Date: 2010/1/18
Subject: Libel reform campaign update 18th January 2010

Dear supporter

First of all, thank you from the Libel Reform Campaign for signing our petition at

In the run up to the 2010 general election we have a unique opportunity to press for libel law reform so that journalists, scientists, authors, academics and bloggers do not find themselves hauled through the courts.

We are pushing MPs hard with thousands of emails and letters supporting our campaign. Already we have had a major success with Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, forming a government working party, including members of the campaign, to look at reforming our libel law. The Liberal Democrats took our campaigning seriously last year when they made Libel Reform a manifesto commitment. Senior Tories are now looking into the issue in detail thanks to our campaigning – and most importantly, your support. We need to make sure that everyone involved in writing manifestos before the next general election understands why the libel laws of England and Wales are unfair, against the public interest and internationally criticised.

Representatives of the campaign are meeting Jack Straw on 3rd February. We need your help showing Mr Straw that wholesale libel reform is a public concern. Please get 10 more people to sign the petition, blog about it and Tweet the link to show him how strong public feeling is.

We want to see the responses you get from MPs. Please forward any responses to

English PEN, Index on Censorship and Sense About Science rely on donations to keep the campaign going. We really need your help – please help us keep the campaign going by donating here:

With best wishes,

The Libel Reform Campaign

The Libel Reform Campaign relies on your donations, big and small. You can donate here: You can read our Privacy Policy here:



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