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Killing of Infants by Government?

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The National Health Policy of India envisages the use of the AYUSH systems of medicine in the provision of adequate health care under the overarching umbrella of the national health framework. The AYUSH systems have inherent advantages such as natural plant-based products, low cost, absence of drug toxicity, etc. The holistic nature of these systems is another major advantage. In order to highlight the strengths of AYUSH systems, the Department of AYUSH has decided to launch a number of national campaigns which focus on specific disease conditions. The national campaign on Homoeopathy for Mother and Child Care is one of these campaigns.

There is limited awareness among policy makers and modern medicine health professionals about the potential which Homoeopathy has for improving the health status of Women and Children. The proposed national campaign aims at sensitizing policy makers and modern medicine health professionals about the strengths of Homoeopathy in mother and child health care. There are large number of Homoeopathic Medical Colleges and institutionally qualified Homoeopathic physicians in the country whose services are currently underutilized in the various National Health Programmes, and in particular for mother and child health care. The national campaign will provide the necessary co-ordination for the utilization of these Homoeopathic practitioners and institutions for the provision of health services for Women and Children.

Now here Government of India trying to play with life of infants and helpless mothers using tax payer's money. There is no proof till date that homeopathic medicine works. Its simply placebo medicine and having no real substance. These in-competent people who are making policies never entered inside any laboratory. Indians use to drink cow piss for centuries so now govt. may start administering poor people with cow piss but these SAME people who are making policies for poor always rush to AIIMS for their small ailments. Do they really care about poor? Its simply modern day slaughter of poor people in the name of homeopathy.

* Highly beneficial for many diseases related to women and children.
* Medicines can be safely administered for various ailments throughout pregnancy without any adverse reaction.
* Can be used during childbirth to contain problems associated with labor.
* Effective for post delivery and lactational complaints.
* The sweet pills are palatable and thus, child friendly.
* Method of administration of medicine is very simple.

Is there any proof? Any research paper? any peer review? Any supporting data? Why not this govt department not taking million dollar challenge of James Randi ( to bring at-least a million dollars for poor of this country instead of begging other countries for health sector? As per old proverb, "charity begins at home" so are these policy maker ready to start giving homeopathic medicine to their child or expecting mothers? Are they?

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