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Plegaria de los huérfanos - Prayer of the orphans

Thanks to mperezcast for the link and translation

An article by the Mexican writer Fernando Del Paso. During the last months, Mexico City’s government has approved the marriage and adoption of same-sex couples. The Catholic Church is opposing the new law.

The link is the original writing (in Spanish), and below is a translation (I hope it makes justice to the original text). I think it's an intelligent and brave defense against the Catholic Church's archaic arguments.

Prayer of the orphans

We, Lord, the orphan boys and girls of México plead you:

Let us enjoy the fullness of our orphanhood.

Our parents died because it was your Will. Our parents abandoned us because it was your Will. Because You wanted so, our mothers were raped by unknown people, and they left us in a dumpster or at temple’s door.

Let us, Lord, honor your Divine Will.

It’s our privilege.

Do not let us be adopted by same-sex couples. Even if they will love us.

We’d rather live the way we came to this world: with no father and no mother, than to have two loving fathers or two loving mothers. We’d rather not have the love of anybody since the beginning and forever, than to have the life lasting love of two men or two women of good souls and intentions.

We’d rather have the disaffection of indifference.

Allow us, Lord, the freedom to live like orphans in an orphanage. To dress, like orphans, the uniform of the orphanage. To eat, like orphans, the miserable food of the orphanage. To sleep, like orphans, in a crowded dormitory. Allow us, Lord, that when we get to the dawn of our adolescence, we are thrown out to the streets, like all the orphans of the orphanage.

It’s our privilege.

This way, we will honor your Divine Will.

Let us, Lord, be without education, grow without moral nor religion, with nobody that teaches us how to love, nobody that teaches us how to love You.

Let us be street children, street men, street women. Let us dress like clowns and jugglers and barely survive in the street corners. Let us be beggars all of our life.

It’s our privilege.

Let us wash windshields. Let us be easy prey of crime and drugs, of alcohol. Let us be criminals. Let us be thieves and drug dealers. Let us drop dead of an overdose at age twenty. Let us starve in an alley, let us be murdered in the flower of our youth. Let us live part of our orphanhood in a prison.

It’s our privilege.

Give us the opportunity, just like you gave it to our biological parents, to build homes that we can destroy and have children that, with their orphanhood, are the mirror of the orphanhood of their parents, of their cruelty, of their irresponsibility, of their indifference.

Let us, Lord, prostitute ourselves by the age of twelve, thirteen, fourteen. Let us, Lord, be the whores for the pimps. Let us, Lord, be the victims of child abusers in the schools, in your temples.

But do not give us the guidance of two women, or two men, even if they are, like us, your children, and all of us, human beings. Even if they promise a lot of love. Even if they love us. Even if they fill us with joy and comprehension. Even if they dignify us as poor creatures of God and even if they love you. They don´t deserve our reciprocal love, because they don’t even deserve yours.

We’d rather have the disaffection of absence. We prefer the disaffection of oblivion.

But if it’s your Divine Will, Lord, to give us a home and take away from us the privilege of not having it, make the good Christians families of Mexico that already have children adopt us; make all the couples without children in Mexico adopt us. Everybody, Lord. Whatever our skin color. If we are white, indians, blacks. If we are blind, lame or mute. You, if you want Lord, can do it.

Tell those good Christian families that they will alleviate their consciences: sparing us from being adopted by same-sex couples.

Don’t give us two fathers or two mothers, Lord. You gave us the cold of the city and the silence of the night: we’d rather have that, than the warmth of their home and the sweetness of their words.

And if you won´t do anything of these because you don’t want, because your Divine and mysterious and inscrutable Will prevails over your Divine Omnipotence, Lord, let us alone.

Let us be pariahs as we were born, be pariahs all of our life to safeguard your Will. Let us grow unprotected, in the disaffection of homelessness, in the periphery of society, in the vacuum of rejection and disdain.

Let us, You, the Lord which without its will not even a leaf moves, let us, Lord, that like leaves the wind takes us to solitude and dereliction.

It’s our privilege: we’re the privileged of the earth, because we know that, thank to your infinite mercy, you have promised to those that are living hell in this life, that they will be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you, Lord.

Fernando Del Paso

Original article

Plegaria de los huérfanos

Nosotros, Señor, los niños huérfanos y las niñas huérfanas de México te rogamos:

Déjanos gozar la plenitud de nuestra orfandad.

Nuestros padres murieron porque fue tu Voluntad. Nuestros padres nos abandonaron porque fue tu Voluntad. Porque Tú así lo quisiste, nuestras madres fueron violadas por desconocidos a los que nunca volvieron a ver, y ellas nos arrojaron a un basurero o nos dejaron a las puertas de un Templo.

Déjanos, Señor, honrar tu Divina Voluntad.

Es nuestro privilegio.

No nos entregues a la adopción de parejas del mismo sexo. Por mucho amor que piensen darnos.
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