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Simon Singh at the Royal Courts of Justice and MPs to report on libel reform

Date: 22 February 2010 16:42:52 GMT
Subject: Simon Singh at the Royal Courts of Justice and MPs to report on libel reform

Dear Friends,
There are two very important events for the Libel Reform Campaign this week.

Tuesday: Simon Singh’s case

On Tuesday 23rd February, Simon Singh’s libel case with the British Chiropractic Association is before the Court of Appeal in London. His case will be heard by three of the most powerful legal figures in the UK, the Lord Chief Justice, the Master of the Rolls and Lord Justice Sedley. Simon’s case is very significant and depending on how it goes, could either strengthen our right to ‘fair comment’ or hugely undermine it. Look out for coverage of this inThe Daily Telegraph, The Times, the Guardian and elsewhere on Tuesday.

Wednesday: MPs report on our libel laws
The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee will release a report on Wednesday 24th February that, amongst other issues, will look at the impact of English libel law on free expression. We submitted evidence to the Committee of how our libel laws are unjust and against the public interest and we hope they will make serious and far-reaching proposals for reform.

What can you do?

Come down to the Royal Courts of Justice (map) at 9.45 am on Tuesday to show your support for Simon.
We want MPs to get letters all next week so they understand how important this issue is for people across the UK, and abroad. Please try and persuade one or more friends, family or colleagues to sign the petition:
We have received 10,000 new signatures in the last 10 days, but there is still a long way to go, so please keep spreading the word. Simon and others are undergoing a severe strain to defend free speech, and we know that it would be a major morale boost for him if supporters could spare five minutes to persuade friends and family to sign up to libel reform. It would be great if we could add 5,000 more names before Simon leaves the Court of Appeal tomorrow.

Mike and Síle

The Libel Reform Campaign

The Libel Reform Campaign is a coalition of English PEN, Index on Censorship and Sense About Science.

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