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Pope should come and go in peace

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As a baptised member of the Church of England who at an early age converted to atheism and stayed there, I find the visit of the Pope to this country means remarkably little to me. I am, however, dismayed by the aggression and militancy of some of my fellow atheists, who show a shocking intolerance of him and of his faith in the interests, it seems, of calling for more tolerance from the Catholic Church for homosexuals, abortionists and the promiscuous. If this is how they define live and let live, then we really are in a mess.

I can see, though, that they have been provoked by equally ridiculous assertions of the importance of faith from the other side of the argument. The Pope and his adherents are entitled (at least, so far as I am concerned) to their view that secularism is bad. I even had some sympathy with the cardinal who called us a Third World country, though my reasons are, I suspect, not the same as his. However, countries far less secular than ours are not inevitably happier, safer, more settled places than the United Kingdom.

Mexico is a country of devout and active Roman Catholics. It is also one of the world's most criminal, dangerous and failed states. Italy, the home of the Catholic Church, is half controlled by the mafia, half by its sleazeball of a prime minister, who despite being the wrong side of 70, drives a coach and four through his Church's doctrine of sexual morality.

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