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Let’s make a DVD of the London rally against the Pope:

Despite the way the BBC and other media almost totally ignored our march, preferring to fawn over Ratzinger, the London march and rally against the pope was a resounding success. The number of people who turned up was dramatically more than anybody expected (and we didn't have the advantage of bussing in loads of children from our own schools to swell the crowd). The protesters were there, in their thousands, because they wanted to be there. The atmosphere was good-humoured, many of the banners were witty, and the response to the speeches was rousing.

It is already clear that plenty of people on the march were active with movie and still cameras, and some of the results are already up on YouTube. Probably all the speeches were filmed from more than one angle, by different people, and the sound quality is surprisingly good. It occurs to me that we could cobble these together into a wonderful DVD, which would be commemorative for those on the march, and which would bring our message to a much wider circle of people. The UK branch of RDFRS could put up the money to produce it and have it professionally edited, and we’d sell it at a low price in order to maximise the circulation of our message of disgust at the way Ratzinger was invited by the British government and feted as though he were the Head of a serious State.

Most of the speeches were filmed from more than one angle, so it will be possible to cut between them in a way that will look professional even though the cameras involved were small and hand-held. Indeed, the fact that they were small and hand-held will, in a way, add an atmosphere of authenticity, which will contrast with the professional BBC footage with its nauseating echoes of coronations and royal weddings, with the appropriately reverential ‘Dimbleby-style’ tones. Our DVD, by contrast, will be edgy, and will seem more authentic in consequence.

If you would like your footage to be used in this way, please tell us about it. Not just the speeches, of course: we are just as keen on film of the march itself, with the banners, the funny antics, the good humour amid the seriousness. Still photos would also be useful and, as with movie footage, your name will be fully credited if your material is used. If anybody has interview footage, shot on the march, we might be able to use that too. No need to pre-edit, as we can take care of that.

Please send an email telling us about your material (but not yet sending it) to Details should include a synopsis, file format and file size. We'll then send you step-by-step instructions on how to get the footage to us via an online file-sharing system. The act of sending us your material will constitute your consent for us to use it, on a non-exclusive basis (meaning that you are still free to use it yourself in any way you choose).




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