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Christopher Hitchens on Real Time w Bill Maher, March 26, 2010 - Comments

van.isle.atheist's Avatar Comment 1 by van.isle.atheist

Love Hitch. It is time to get to the infected core of this church. Obviously the molestations are systemic, and need to be addressed by law in every nation affected. I pity the African nations, because the catholic church has been making its only conversions there for some time now, and this abhorrent behavior will be there too. Those poor kids.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 15:15:00 UTC | #453015

Matthchris's Avatar Comment 2 by Matthchris

Thank you mr Mr. Hitchens.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 15:37:00 UTC | #453023

FXR's Avatar Comment 3 by FXR

The Vatican thinks in centuries.

In 2012 the Eucharistic congress is scheduled for Ireland.

Ratzinger is fast becoming a liability.

Is it possible that at 83 the loss of influence built up over centuries and the strain will see him descend into terminal ill health?

Endangering as he is an income flow of billions and atop one of the most powerful global institutions on Earth will they just slip him a pill or put a Prada pillow over his face?

If he does die in the meantime will a new pope renew the Catholic Church Limited in Ireland and beyond?

This virus has not lasted this long without being adaptable. The most important thing to the Church is the Church not anyone in it.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 15:40:00 UTC | #453024

Nunbeliever's Avatar Comment 4 by Nunbeliever

As much as I would like to believe that Hitchens is right regarding this being a tipping point for the catholic church I am much too cynical to think that is the case. I am pretty sure people will soon forget these horrible atrocities and business will go on as usual. I mean, this is nothing new. We have known for a long time what a cynical and horrible organization the catholic church is. Still, there are hundreds of millions catholics in the world who are willing to close their eyes instead of actually demanding justice. For these people acknowledging what is actually going on in the catholic church would pretty much be the same as abandoning their whole faith. To these catholics the Pope or the priests are not ordinary people. They are god's representatives on earth. Acknowledging these unspeakable atrocities would shatter the whole catholic church into pieces.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 15:41:00 UTC | #453025

mordacious1's Avatar Comment 5 by mordacious1

Interesting article, though I doubt it will get anywhere:

U.S. courts allow sex abuse cases against Vatican to proceed in rare legal move

The poor lawyer is spending 6 figures getting his requests for documents translated into Latin as the Vatican requires. What assholes.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 15:56:00 UTC | #453033

SaintStephen's Avatar Comment 6 by SaintStephen

Cheers to the two "bad boys" of atheism.

Hitchens, in particular, appears bound and determined to tattoo the Catholic Church (and its head vicar) with the egregious crime of pedophilia via endless restatements of this charge in his essays and on the public airwaves. Dawkins is of the same mind, it seems, and I think their tactic is a good one. Everytime somebody thinks of the RCC, an immediate association of this institution with child molestation should come to mind.

Make them inseparable: the RCC implicitly condones child abuse and pedophilia.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 15:57:00 UTC | #453034

mordacious1's Avatar Comment 7 by mordacious1

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 15:58:00 UTC | #453036

mordacious1's Avatar Comment 8 by mordacious1


Or rape and torture of children, as Hitch prefers it to be stated, and which I agree is more accurate.

[edited to add "of children"]

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 16:01:00 UTC | #453038

epeeist's Avatar Comment 9 by epeeist

Comment #473328 by SaintStephen:

Make them inseparable: the RCC implicitly condones child abuse and pedophilia.
But it will forgive them -,101/

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 16:27:00 UTC | #453044

Alyson Miers's Avatar Comment 10 by Alyson Miers

"And they were right." Awesome.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 16:28:00 UTC | #453045

FXR's Avatar Comment 11 by FXR

Sinead O'Connor on CNN. The amount of lackery she got for tearing up a picture of the Pope. People all over the planet should be doing the same now especially when he visits the UK.

As a matter of interest: Does anyone here (who is not Irish) wonder where Sir Bono and Sir Bob Geldof have gotten themselves to?

Maybe they are waiting for the child rape and torture to be uncovered in the Ethiopia or Darfur.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 17:03:00 UTC | #453057

jel's Avatar Comment 12 by jel

Unfortunately most catholics are like most theists. How many times have theists been shown that their books are full of nonsense and contradictions? How many times have they ignored what they have been shown and closed their minds to reality? The supporters of the catholic church will do just the same. Despite all the evidence now coming out they will close their minds to it all.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 18:03:00 UTC | #453076

the great teapot's Avatar Comment 13 by the great teapot

Au contraire FXR, Ratzinger is fast becoming an asset.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 18:18:00 UTC | #453077

popecorkyxxiv's Avatar Comment 14 by popecorkyxxiv

I think it's funny that Hitchens happened to say that the best way to win these wars is to send a small number of highly trained, well equipped soldiers because this is the same thing that a handful of US generals said during Vietnam; an act todays generals have failed to reproduce. They likely aren't saying that anymore because those original generals all lost their jobs immediately after saying that. After they said "only a few well trained soldiers" the military industrial complex of the US pressured the pentagon to fire them. Sending only a few spartan-esque soldiers is a very good military strategy however when your actual objective is to make a small number of weapon dealers and other old men a hell of alot of money it's a better business decision to send hordes of under equipped, half trained teenagers that way you can be certain your soldiers will add more to the problem rather than they solve, ensuring your investment (aka. the war) continues forever along with all it's associated profits.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 18:31:00 UTC | #453081

JSB2024's Avatar Comment 15 by JSB2024

Arrest the Pope as soon as he lands.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 19:26:00 UTC | #453105

FXR's Avatar Comment 16 by FXR

To the great teapot

I meant he was a liability to the Vatican. He was always an asset to the atheists. It often occured to me way before this that he might be the result of a Freemasons plot to ruin the Church.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 20:27:00 UTC | #453124

Stonyground's Avatar Comment 17 by Stonyground

I believe that Gordon Brown has stated that people of all faiths and of non are going to be totally delighted about Ratty's visit to the UK.

He presumably believes this even after being handed a petition by the NSS stating that the "and of non" contingent are not that happy about it but respect the right etc. but are pretty pissed off about having to stump up for the cost of the security.

Not exactly delighted then, Mr. pants on fire as usual.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 20:41:00 UTC | #453132

Rodger T's Avatar Comment 18 by Rodger T

Here is a response to Sinead O`Connors appearance on A C 360 that fxr linked to,

I am no expert in canon law, but I doubt that O'Conner is either, and I highly doubt that Pedophelia is mentioned in canon law.

One other thing: Most reported cases involved boys in their early teens. That is not pedophelia, it is homosexuality. But the media won't report that because it reflects badly on homosexuals. Instead the media incites anger by calling it pedophelia. That is a fact that Catholics, especially O'Connor, need to tune in to.

The faithful are so brainwashed they will protect the criminal church ,not even child rape and torture will sway their support.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 20:49:00 UTC | #453135

Saerain's Avatar Comment 19 by Saerain

6. Comment #473328 by SaintStephen on March 27, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Hitchens, in particular, appears bound and determined to tattoo the Catholic Church (and its head vicar) with the egregious crime of pedophilia [...]
I just want to be the obligatory pedant here and note that paraphilias cannot be criminal. Pedophilia ≠ child molestation.

Carry on.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 21:16:00 UTC | #453142

MAJORPAIN's Avatar Comment 20 by MAJORPAIN

I went to your catholic forum link and they had a link to so you could write them and complain. So, I went to's Anderson Cooper site and wrote an email telling him what a great job he did having Sinead O'Connor on his show. Just doing my part.

Also, I have a tendency to agree with you on here who've expressed the sentiment that nothing is going to change with catholics. Unfortunately, there would have to be a video of the pope doing the dirty deed before any of them would ever believe him capable of anything bad, and even then, a majority of them would just say, "well, he is human" and go on down the aisle for their communion wafer. Sadly, I don't think this is going to be much of a blip on the radar. (Please "god" let me be wrong!!)

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 21:54:00 UTC | #453154

gurkuda's Avatar Comment 21 by gurkuda

I am not optimistic about the demise of the RCC, either. The only people that see the current situation as a tipping point are rational atheists. Religious people do not think that way. They lack rational judgement and find infinite ways of justifying their beliefs. They will be made to believe that Ratzi is being unfairly targeted by the media or something to that effect. Has Ratzi been condemned by any religious organization? No, we are the only people who are outraged right now.

I do not believe that the Vatican will be challenged either. The RCC is woven into the fabric of western societies. It is like organised crime in a sense. Do you know of a country which has eradicated organized crime? It cannot be done.
We have to face it, religion is above the law and there is not much we can do about it. I rarely hope to be proven wrong, as much as I do now.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 23:10:00 UTC | #453178's Avatar Comment 22 by

9. Comment #473339 by epeeist on March 27, 2010 at 4:27 pm

Epeeist, I wouldn't be surprised if 'The Onion's' take on this issue matched the RCC's attitude word for word. Blame the victims, not the perpetrator.

I suspect that you are Australian. Is this true? Remember we forced on of our Governors-General to resign because he covered up child abuse and blamed a 14 year-old for 'leading the priest on'. Holliingworth was CoE, but to me it's the same industry, just a different company.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 23:39:00 UTC | #453185

Frankus1122's Avatar Comment 23 by Frankus1122

I don't know about all Catholics turning a blind eye or making excuses.

One nun wrote a pretty damning response to an article in the Catholic Register trying to
ameliorate the role of the Pope in the sex abuse scandal.
What follows her post, however, is rather predictable.

Posted by Sister Maureen Paul Turlish on Saturday, Mar 13, 2010 8:17


In a press release from the Holy See on March 9, 2010, “concerning
cases of the sexual abuse of minors in ecclesiastical institutions,”
Director Fr. Federico Lombardi parrots out the church’s predictable
responses to the widening problems of sexual abuse, particularly that
of minor children.

The institutional Roman Catholic church has reacted to the continuing
sexual abuse debacle neither rapidly nor decisively, contrary to what
Lombardi states. The Vatican has attempted to distance itself from
what has happened in country after country, first categorizing it as
an “American problem,” then as a “homosexual problem.”
What was done by church leadership in the United States, for example,
it was forced to do by the pressure of public opinion after records,
files and correspondence were forced into the public venue in 2002 by
Judge Constance M. Sweeney, a very brave, grounded and principled
Catholic woman in Boston, Massachusetts.
The church’s response continues to be re-active rather than pro-active
while minimizing the systemic and endemic abuse of power and authority
which has enabled and exacerbated it on the one hand while covering it
up whenever and wherever possible on the other.
The “wide-ranging context” is that in countries from the United
States, Canada, Australia and Ireland to Austria, the Netherlands and
Germany church authorities have repeatedly and consistently
disregarded their own moral and Canon laws as well as the existing
laws of the countries in which these horrific crimes against humanity
Lombardi does not mention nor does he admit to the well documented
widespread cover-up of the sexual abuse of children by bishops and
other church officials in many countries like the United States, which
makes the church’s sexual abuse problems particularly egregious. If
church authorities had done the morally right thing initially how many
children would have escaped being sexually abused by a particular
When are people of good will going to say, enough!
When are state legislators going to change the laws so that justice
can be pursued for the thousands upon thousands of victims of
childhood sexual abuse who have been unable to access let alone obtain
In most states and probably in most countries existing criminal as
well as civil laws give more protection to sexual predators and their
enablers then they do to victims of childhood sexual abuse - by
anyone. This is deplorable and should not be.
The removal of all statutes of limitation in regard to the sexual
abuse of children is the single, most effective way to hold predators
and enabling institutions accountable before the law.
The state of Delaware in the United States is one of a very few states
in the U.S. which have removed all criminal and civil statutes of
limitation in regard to the sexual abuse of children - by anyone. It
also legislated a two year civil window for previously time barred
cases, again, by anyone. That window closed in July of 2009.
In a civil suit, unlike a criminal suit, the burden of proof that any
sexual abuse took place is on the plaintiff. The burden is not on the
accused individual or institution to prove innocence, at least not in
the United States.
Every victim of childhood sexual abuse should have a right to the
pursuit of justice at the very least!
If Delaware can do it other states and other countries should be able
to do it and hold sexual predators and any enabling institutions
responsible, especially those institutions which chose to ignore their
own internal laws.
I was privileged to testify before the Senate and House Judiciary
Committees in support of the 2007 Child Victims Law in Delaware.
No rules and no laws of any religious organization or denomination
should be allowed to trump the laws of a civilized society where the
protection of children is concerned.
The Roman Catholic Church should be held to the highest standard as a
signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child,
a Convention that by any objective standard it has grossly violated
for decades.
Isn’t it time to formalize those violations as the crimes against
humanity they truly are?

Sister Maureen Paul Turlish
Victims’ Advocate
New Castle, Delaware, USA

Good on you Sister.

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 00:09:00 UTC | #453190

velcar's Avatar Comment 24 by velcar

"... it's a small percentage you can't tar the whole institution ..."

Basically, it's like saying they only fail say 1% of the time.

To put that into perspective: if an airline company had a 1% failure rate it would kill (more than) 10000 people a year.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 01:25:00 UTC | #453205

r u i's Avatar Comment 25 by r u i

This Pope should go away... but that would mean an epic fail by the holy ghost.

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 02:12:00 UTC | #453214

William T. Dawkins's Avatar Comment 26 by William T. Dawkins

Great Job Hitch! Makes me wonder what John Walsh (America's Most Wanted) thinks about all this?

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 02:17:00 UTC | #453216

r u i's Avatar Comment 27 by r u i

4. Comment #473319 by Nunbeliever

People close their eyes all the time. This is small when compared to the systematic rape and trade of children and women by international organised crime. Hundreds of kids disapear every day... without a trace. It's the sad human condition. I get angry when i think about it... but because i can't save the world i can't also carry it's weight. This is something we all do. And the millions of catholics who are disgusted with all this are no different. It will all go away unless the real Judges decide to do their jobs. There's a reason i don't have to carry the weight of the world with me. There is Justice, Tribunals, Cops. People who are supposed to do their jobs and protect the inocent.

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 02:18:00 UTC | #453217

Eyerish's Avatar Comment 28 by Eyerish

The faithful will always protect the church (any kind of church/mosque etc.). The church leadership could drop an atom bomb on a city, fly a plane into a building, commit murder, rape kids, gas millions and the faithful will still support it with the reasoning that it was a few within the church who were responsible and not the word of God. They will reason these things to protect their own egos, their own delusions, and anything to protect the themselves from looking stupid for supporting the improbably notion of God.

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 02:50:00 UTC | #453222

EoghainOKeeffe's Avatar Comment 29 by EoghainOKeeffe

I found this clip uncomfortable viewing because Hitchens seems quite drunk and not as articulate as he normally is.

With that said, I agree thoroughly with everything Hitchens says. I just don't think he came across as well as he usually does.

When I first clicked on the link, I was expecting to see Hitchens discussing the child abuse scandals with Bill O'Reilly. Now that would have been explosive!

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 07:06:00 UTC | #453243

Swordmaiden's Avatar Comment 30 by Swordmaiden

I would like to see Hitch discussing this issue with Ann Widdecombe! She's been awfully quiet by the way!

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 11:57:00 UTC | #453294