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NAI Workshop Without Walls on Molecular Paleontology and Resurrection: Rewinding the Tape of Life

This three day workshop, "Molecular Paleontology and Resurrection: Rewinding the Tape of Life", will be streamed live over the web. The workshop is open to the worldwide science community. It will be accessible via internet browser, no special software or equipment is required. Questions can be submitted to speakers by chat software. This is a new type of scientific conference with a low carbon footprint, no registration fees, and no hassle of travel. The low barrier to attendance makes it reasonable for scientists outside of this direct line of research, and the non-scientist lay public, to attend what would normally be a highly restricted meeting.

There are already registrants from 15 countries, so this format really does indeed provide a high level of accessibility.

The meeting is:
November 8, 9 & 10, 1PM - 5PM EST - That's next week!!!!

The program is here:

Registration information is here:

Organized by John Peters and Loren Williams, PIs of the NAI’s Montana State University and Georgia Tech teams, a primary goal of the workshop is to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations across the community.

Session topics will include

* Phylogenetic Studies on Key Enzymes Involved in Information Pathways and Metabolism
* The Evolutionary History of Protein Synthesis
* Minerals to Enzymes – Bridging the Gap Between Metal Based Abiotic and Biological Chemistry
* Phylogenetic Reconstruction/Resurrection – A Glimpse into Extinct Biochemistry
* What can Modern Biological Energy Transformation Systems Tell Us About Conditions on the Early Earth?
* Linking the Evolutionary Record to the Geological Record

The workshop will consist of talks and discussion. Each presentation will allow ample time for questions and answers afterwards. Although talks will be recorded and posted online, we encourage researchers to attend in real time to engage in what we expect will be a lively exchange of ideas during the workshop.

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