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Jedi-ism, Britain's fourth-largest religion, is still going strong

In 2001, when the last Census of the UK was carried out, nearly 400,000 people claimed “Jedi” as their religion. Not only did this confirm Jedi-ism as a religion in the UK - but meant it was the fourth largest, with more followers than Judaism or Buddhism.

With the 2011 Census forms sealed in their envelopes and ready to post to households across Britain, numerous Facebook groups have been created to encourage even more people to put their faith in the ‘Force’ and claim to be Jedis.

. . .

The religion question is the only voluntary question on the form but Mr Benton says that the responses directly affect community services. “People are developing their local policy and activities on the basis of this information. I would urge people to give an accurate response,” he said.

The Times sent a video team to one of the largest Star Wars memorabilia shops in the UK to find out just who considers themselves a Jedi.

The video, and the middle part of the article, are behind the Times paywall



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