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Tulsa nontheists come ‘Out of the Closet’ in FFRF campaign

Ten billboards featuring Tulsa-area nonbelievers and families are going up this week for a month in Tulsa, Okla., as part of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s personalized, myth-dispelling “Out of the Closet” campaign.

The colorful billboards, organized with the local FFRF chapter, bear the friendly faces of local atheists, agnostics, freethinkers (and even a “polyatheist”) along their personal freethought “testimonials.”

“I can be moral without religion,” says Sabina Ewbank, of Muskogee, a smiling psychology student pictured against a brilliant lavendar background.

“People of logic don’t belong in the minority,” says Lamar Kernes, 22, a Tulsa student who describes himself as a “freethinker.”

“I don’t need an eternal reward to be moral,” is the statement offered by Ric Nourse of Tulsa, who describes himself as “husband, dad, artist . . . atheist.”

“Heaven is a state of mind,” declares Sara Sharp, 24 of Tulsa, an agnostic with dimples pictured against a red background.

“Another atheist for peace and world harmony,” says Venessa Hayes, of Tulsa, a waitress, mother of three and atheist, who is pictured smiling against a tranquil turquoise background.

A Tulsa student, Hilary, age 25, succinctly explains the secular perspective of morality with her billboard statement: “Humankind = Humans + kindess. No gods required.”

“Reality is my god and my religion,” asserts Melissa Robbins, of Tahlequah, “entrepreneur and atheist.”
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