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Renowned author Richard Dawkins asks EKU audience to look past myths

Evolutionary biologist and best-selling author Richard Dawkins challenged a packed auditorium at Eastern Kentucky University on Thursday night to look past humanity's myths to truth.

The noted British atheist, recognized as one of the world's leading scientific minds, spoke while on a tour promoting his newest book, The Magic of Reality.

"Everybody likes a good story ... I hope you agree the truth ... is more magical than any myth," Dawkins said.

He addressed such past mythological topics as the origin of man and the sun, as well as the possibilities of things such as miracles.

"Don't ever be cowardly enough to say something you don't understand is supernatural," he told the audience of more than 1,800 people, as well as crowds in three rooms to which EKU broadcast the speech.

The crowd started forming at 11 a.m. and filled the auditorium 90 minutes before the speech began.

Dawkins credited his visit to a friendship with Dorothy Sutton, EKU Foundation Professor Emeritus of English. Their friendship began a dozen years ago when Dawkins asked to read one of her poems while being honored. The two met for the first time Thursday night.

"He's one of the most caring, kind and compassionate human beings you could ever hope to meet," Sutton said.

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