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The Clergy Project: A Sanctuary for Religious Refugees

This is a guest post by Catherine D. She is a former liberal Catholic theologian with a masters degree from a well respected school of theology It was during her studies that Catherine had the epiphany that she was not a believer.

The last place you might think to find an atheist or agnostic would be in the pulpit leading a congregation, but you’d be wrong.

Unbelieving clergy exist. In fact, we are even organized.

Through the efforts of Dan Barker, Linda LaScola, Dan Dennett and The Richard Dawkins Foundation, The Clergy Project was launched with the goal of supporting clergy as they transition from a life dominated by religion to one that is wholly secular.

The Clergy Project is made up of alumni and active members who no longer hold the supernatural beliefs of their religious traditions and choose instead to identify as agnostic, Secular Humanist, freethinker, atheist, or some other kind of non-theist.

We are a confidential online community with 94 members (and growing), who use the forum to network and discuss issues regarding what it is like to be an unbelieving leader in a religious community.

As you might expect, privacy is a crucial component of membership, so we do not disclose the location or names of our members.
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NSS Conference: Challenging Religious...

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NSS Conference: Challenging Religious Privilege in Public Life Saturday 22 September 2012, 10am to 5pm, London - Keynote speaker Richard Dawkins

Press Release - New Executive Director...

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Press Release - New Executive Director Appointed

Portland Humanist Film Festival

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Join us for the third annual Portland Humanist Film Festival, which will present feature, documentary, narrative and animated films that give expression to the humanist approach to life, based on reason, science, and ethics. A precise film and speaker schedule will be announced in the coming months.

UPdate - listen to the interview -...

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Richard is on BBC Radio World Service this evening 16th July, around 21.20 British Summer Time (= 20.20 GMT

Dawkinsia, new genus

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Dawkinsia, new genus

Teresa MacBain to be Public Relations...

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How the Web is killing faith

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"The Internet is blind faith’s worst nightmare."

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Australian Atheist Bus Ad Says God Better Have ‘a Good Excuse’

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It’s the ‘Year of the Bible’ in Pennsylvania

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