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Recovering from Religion announces the hiring of a new Executive Director Jerry DeWitt - Comments

Neodarwinian's Avatar Comment 1 by Neodarwinian

Sort of a Religious Anonymous; without the religious implications and not anonymous!

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 02:02:44 UTC | #883581

vbaculum's Avatar Comment 2 by vbaculum

I would like to read Darrel Ray's work but it isn't in audible format and I don't have time to squeeze him in with the rest of the authors on my reading list.

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 02:08:13 UTC | #883584

rjohn19's Avatar Comment 3 by rjohn19

vbaculum- I thought I was the only one. It's not only the time but the strain on old eyes. I'll give most interesting titles a listen but getting me to sit still and squint for a few days on top of my other demands takes something very special.

And the title of this work sounds like the Hitch title written by someone without his flair for language.

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 06:58:49 UTC | #883621

Stevehill's Avatar Comment 4 by Stevehill

This sort of organisation is badly needed. We're pretty much OK in northern Europe, where mostly nobody bats an eyelid any more if you say you're an atheist, but in many parts of the world it's extremely difficult to deal with the emotional (and in some cases life threatening) consequences of "coming out".

I wish RR every success and hope in time they get to have a global presence.

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 07:43:02 UTC | #883626

AtheistEgbert's Avatar Comment 5 by AtheistEgbert

We need a definition of religion that distinguishes the kind of religions that are okay (such as the spirituality that Harris goes on about) and the religions that are bad. Presumably communism is a kind of state religion that's bad, although it isn't theistic but atheistic. Perhaps there is no coherent definition of religion, and we're fighting an arbitrary chimera, like the war on terrorism.

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 10:06:08 UTC | #883642

robaylesbury's Avatar Comment 6 by robaylesbury

Have posted the link to this right in the middle of a thread at Reasonable Faith. I wonder whether it will be removed?

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 14:26:18 UTC | #883692

Sionnyn's Avatar Comment 7 by Sionnyn

For ex jehova's witnesses, or ones wishing to leave, may I commend which helped my wife who was deeply scarred by what in any other context would have been called child cruelty, get over the demons they implant deep in a victims psyche.

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 15:32:45 UTC | #883706

robaylesbury's Avatar Comment 8 by robaylesbury

It was removed.

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 16:24:11 UTC | #883715

Dermot C's Avatar Comment 9 by Dermot C

          Comment 4 by Stevehill        :

                 This sort of organisation is badly needed.  We're pretty much OK in northern Europe, where mostly nobody bats an eyelid any more if you say you're an atheist...

I can see the need for it vis-à-vis imams and Moslem leaders in Birmingham U.K., where I am. Over the last twenty or so years the number of young girls wearing the hijab has increased exponentially, and what I assume to be young woman wearing the black burka has rocketed as well.

Naturally, one can blame the medievalist ideas of their fathers and husbands, but the Education Department of the local council participates in this ghettoisation of middle eastern and Asian young women in encouraging the monoethnicity of the area's secondary schools.

It would be gratifying and of enormous symbolic significance in our context if one Moslem leader would come out to condemn the evident, creeping fenestration of their thrice oppressed sisters, wives and daughters.

Where are Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Omar Khayyám, Abu Issa Muhammad Ibn Harun al-Warraq and Abu al-Hasan Ahmad ibn Yahya ibn Ishaq al-Rawandi, sceptics, all, from the Moslem heartlands, when you need them?

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 18:02:12 UTC | #883737

Premiseless's Avatar Comment 10 by Premiseless

I was thinking how sad it is RR is unlikely to be available to these families in helping them see the double ironies (muslim versus Xian) of their respective switched births. Which god wanted what for whom and why? You can only imagine at the snake oil responses to such psychological reforms for these individuals! It's ironic to contemplate what the children might be thinking of this? I'll wager 'fate' will insist on taking the stand for their defense! I think it abhorrent there is no rational alternative. It might seem amusing due the amalgam of mythologies, if it were not so tragic, to consider some of the (painful emotional) barriers lying ahead of them all. I say they need an atheist psychologist!

Tue, 25 Oct 2011 02:21:42 UTC | #883836

kwfco's Avatar Comment 11 by kwfco

I have read Darrel's book "The God Virus", twice, and highly recommend it to anyone struggling to escape from religion. Richard identified religion some years ago as a mental virus; Darrel explains in great depth exactly "how" it works. Thanks again, Darrel!

Tue, 25 Oct 2011 02:39:38 UTC | #883838

HappyPrimate's Avatar Comment 12 by HappyPrimate

This is wonderful. I wasn't aware of this organization but I can see that it will be very useful to many. Jerry is from my neck of the woods and he is scheduled to talk to our local atheist group in December. It will be exciting to meet him.

Fri, 28 Oct 2011 00:50:48 UTC | #884752