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[UPDATE - Video replaced]David Silverman Debates Dinesh D’souza

You should know me by now. I call it as it is, win or lose, even unto our own defeat. I was lucky enough to operate the American Atheists, Inc., table and sit in the front row to watch the infamous “evil face” of David Silverman. I laughed out loud during the debate. The subject of the debate was “Is Christianity good for America?” Why is it that so many bloggers do not realize the subject is not “Is Christianity good for the world?” Ugh, facepalm. The “world” was not the subject but our wonderful soil on which we live, the United States of America.

Two contenders we can call “heavyweights” in the league of extraordinary gentleman. David Silverman, President of American Atheists, Inc., v. Dinesh D’Souza, the President of King’s College, in New York.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

The house was packed and I was in the front row. I viewed the spit flying from each of the debaters while they fired back rebuttals in an unusual debate style consisting of nearly 15 minutes of cross examination. This is what made this night so unusual.

Opening for 12 minutes from a prepared script was David Silverman’s “Three S’s,” Society, Science and Sex. The gist was how Christianity has failed our Nation from her birth until it’s present state.

I was really thrilled to hear David mentioning that he wanted to live forever with his wife and daughter, he wanted his loved ones to live forever and that no person wanted more from immortality than he. Instantly the myth was dispelled that atheists are happy to just die off. However, this doesn’t make it real and a dose of reality is what he was handing to all in attendance. He promised no tricks, no doubletalk, no verbal slight of hand, and that is exactly what we received, on David’s end.

Sticking to the subject of the debate, David defines what “good” means. Good for America must mean that something beneficial to our health and welfare, people, laws, and customs. David then tells us why Christianity is bad for all the above by expanding on the negative impact that Christianity has inflicted on our society, science and sexuality.

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The King's College link to the video replaced by one that plays easily



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