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Republicans insane; want to establish theocracy

As I’ve found by writing on this site, on-Americans are continually astonished by the extreme degree of both religiosity and idiocity of Republicans in America.  Without living here, it’s hard to apprehend how soaked in God our country really is.  If you want a graphic demonstration, here’s a two-hour-plus video of the “Thanksgiving Family Forum,” a meeting of six Republican presidential candidates in Iowa. They include

  • Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

  • Herman Cain

  • [ex] Speaker Newt Gingrich

  • Congressman Ron Paul

  • Texas Governor Rick Perry

  • Senator Rick Santorum

  • Start at 36 minutes in if you want to skip the opening prayers, Pledge of Allegiance, and other religious and and patriotic requisites and get right to the insanity of the candidates themselves.

    Or, better yet, just skip this and read Rick Saletan’s piece in Slate, “Rule of the Lord,” which summarizes what these politicians have in mind for America.  Here are a few salient quotes:

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