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Camp Pendleton Cross Privileges Christianity; Marginalizes non-Christians

I posted last week about religious memorials on veteran’s day.  The Camp Pendleton cross (technically located in the Camp Horno area) was one of two focus items in an article that referred to a long list of Christian monuments defended using military/police service.  MAAF spends the vast majority of its time fostering community and providing outreach to the military.  In a case where federal officials allow to stand a prominent Christian cross as a representation of military service, atheists, humanists, and all non-Christians who have fought and died for our country are relegated to second-class citizenship.

On Nov 18th, Camp Pendleton officials recognized objections saying, ”The memorial cross activity … was conducted by private individuals acting solely in their personal capacities … The leadership is aware of the memorial cross emplacement and the activity is currently being reviewed by legal staff.”

MAAF has reached out to Camp Pendleton leadership with the following comments regarding resolution of this issue:

  • The cross should be removed or covered until its legality can be determined.
  • We do not see a legal and unbiased way of keeping this cross on federal land.
  • Replacing the cross with an Eagle-Globe-and-Anchor, Flag, or Plaque would provide for a proper Marine Corps memorial and eliminate the sectarian bias.  (Adding a flag and keeping the cross or adding other religious symbols would further entangle government and religion.)
  • Investigate wrong-doing in command-directed pilgrimages and sectarian prayers at the shrine.

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