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Yet another flea

In the new hard-hitting book, The Godless Delusion, apologetics experts Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley help Christians wake up to the crisis of godlessness, alerting them to the imperative need for taking seriously atheism's challenge, while learning how to effectively engage in today's atheistic debate. With a systematic and comprehensive approach, Madrid and Hensley make plain the truth of God's existence and the foolishness of the atheist-naturalist worldview.

Most books that take on the current spate of atheists look at the inner contradictions in their arguments—and there are many. But Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley try another, and ultimately more fruitful approach.
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Yet another flea - Richard Dawkins' God...

Klaus Nürnberger - B&N Nook 48 Comments

Yet another flea - Richard Dawkins' God Delusion [NOOK Book]

The Godless Delusion

by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth... 237 Comments

First flea for TGSOE

Jonathan D. Sarfati - 139 Comments

Dealing With Dawkins - A new flea

John Blanchard - Evangelical Press 68 Comments

The Greatest Hoax on Earth - a new flea

Jonathon Sarfati 69 Comments

The Greatest Show On Earth - Flea

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Viewpoints: Why is faith falling in the...

- - BBC News Comments

A new poll suggests that atheism is on the rise in the US, while those who consider themselves religious has dropped. What's the cause? Two writers debate.

Missionaries of Hate

- - Top Documentary Films Comments

Documentary about ongoing events in Uganda, where many question whether the growing influence of American religious groups has led to a movement to make homosexuality a crime punishable by death.

Scientists Discover Previously Unknown...

- - URMC Comments

Newer Imaging Technique Brings ‘Glymphatic System’ to Light

Blasphemy Laws Exposed: The...

- - human rights first Comments

Blasphemy Laws Exposed: The Consequences of Criminalizing “Defamation of Religions”

Atheists On Religion, Science, And...

- - YouTube - townsquare Comments

Cara Santa Maria (Senior Science Correspondent, leads this week's panel on 'The Point' to discuss these issues and more with Michael Shermer (Publisher - Skeptic Magazine), Sean Carroll (Theoretical Physicist - Caltech), and Edward Falzon (author of 'Being Gay Is Disgusting').


- - Ancestors Trail Walk Comments

WALK DARWIN’S TREE OF LIFE ~ 26 AUGUST 2012 - event begins on Saturday 25 August



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