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Martin Luther King and the Republican Race For Righteousness - Comments

aroundtown's Avatar Comment 1 by aroundtown

The South has a propensity to strongly defend their condition of intolerance by stating "it's a Southern thing" to those who are not a part of that region. Religious fanaticism has always been a hallmark in the South and politicians pander to this group to achieve their support but I doubt they care about them beyond that usefulness. Racism is rampant in the South so it doesn't surprise me that they have a problem with Martin Luther King Jr. but it is basically a color factor and not so much one man they oppose. Besides the bolder Racism there is a form that runs just below the radar and it will be quite some time before that changes in my estimation. The distant past was a stronghold for Democrats but most have forgotten that condition and the Republicans are now the party of distinction that supports their views and I don't see a window of opportunity for a reversion in party affiliation any time soon.

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 17:55:02 UTC | #910231

I Deny's Avatar Comment 2 by I Deny

A fairly biased article to say the least :P

Interesting that he brought up the newsletters under Paul's name. Paul is the only candidate who actually has a record of voting against various types of racist laws(most notably federal drug law). Meanwhile, Romney, Huntsman and Santorum are openly racist and rarely see attack..

Sat, 21 Jan 2012 01:53:35 UTC | #910386

zengardener's Avatar Comment 3 by zengardener

It is sad that the best label we can give to the most honest politician is "least likely to lie".

I am no fan of Ron Paul, but I would rather know a sun-of-a-bitch than a liar anytime.

Tue, 24 Jan 2012 04:06:59 UTC | #911027