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Refute This, Hoax Lovers: More Proof Men Totally Walked on the Moon

Sorry, Moon hoax conspiracy theorists, but NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter keeps shooting holes in your arguments. The probe has entered a low enough orbit to photograph in beautiful detail various Apollo landing sites. Today, LRO Camera News released a stunning image of two historic missions – Surveyor 3 and Apollo 12. Not only were both missions neat, their overlap is the one time space contamination was a real fear. Apollo 12 astronauts returned hardware from Surveyor 3 that was home to microorganisms.

On April 20, 1967, NASA’s Surveyor 3 lander bounced off the lunar surface twice before finally settling in the Ocean of Storms. It was the third probe of the program and the first armed with a scoop to sample the soil. Mounted on an electric motor-driven arm, the small scoop dug little trenches in the surface and held up samples to its camera and sent images to Earth. The lander was shut down during its first lunar night but never turned on again; the 14-day dark period brought extreme cold temperatures that sapped the batteries.
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Missionaries of Hate

- - Top Documentary Films Comments

Documentary about ongoing events in Uganda, where many question whether the growing influence of American religious groups has led to a movement to make homosexuality a crime punishable by death.

eBay Bans Magic Potions, Curses, Spells

Lyneka Little - ABC News Comments

Beginning Aug.30, the online auction site will ban the sale of curses, spells, hexes, magic, prayers, blessing services, magic potions, and healing sessions, which upsets some users.

$5 Million Grant Awarded by Private...

Bettye Miller - UCR Today Comments

The John Templeton Foundation grant to UC Riverside philosopher John Fischer will fund research on aspects of immortality, including near-death experiences and the impact of belief in an afterlife on human behavior

North Carolina Sea Level Rises Despite...

Leigh Phillips - Scientific American Comments

Less than two weeks after the state's senate passed a bill banning state agencies from reporting that sea-level rise is accelerating, research has shown that the coast between North Carolina and Massachusetts is experiencing the fastest sea-level rise in the world.

Saudi man executed for 'witchcraft and...

- - BBC News Comments

Petition to defend Indian rationalist...

Caspar Melville - New Humanist 26 Comments

Our friend and colleague Sanal Edamaruku, the President of the Indian Rationalist Association, is facing arrest for exposing a fraudulent ‘miracle’ in a Catholic Church





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