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Church Puts Legal Pressure on Abuse Victims’ Group - Comments

aquilacane's Avatar Comment 1 by aquilacane

You need to get some priests from the clergy project to listen to the testimony then have them keep mum under the church promoted priest/sinner confidentiality agreement.

"We would love to hand all of that information over to you but it was told to us under the confidence of the the Sacrament of Penance. Surely the Catholic Church isn't about to argue its priest must reveal all that they learn in confession."

Use their own tactics against them.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 14:11:16 UTC | #928306

aroundtown's Avatar Comment 2 by aroundtown

Sometimes I think their laws and traditions are not fully acknowledged or applied as aquilacane points out in comment 1. Why is it we don't hold them to account to the standard they purport, and believe, is the supposed story of us all. As "one man" - Adam could convict us all to original sin then, to my mind, "one man" - the pope, is culpable for all the sins of his minions. Seems right to me.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 14:19:32 UTC | #928310

drumdaddy's Avatar Comment 3 by drumdaddy

Comment Removed by Author

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 14:22:03 UTC | #928312

zengardener's Avatar Comment 4 by zengardener

It's all about the money!

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 14:45:43 UTC | #928322

soulcage's Avatar Comment 5 by soulcage

“SNAP is a menace to the Catholic Church.” Nope. The Catholic Church is a menace to the Catholic Church.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 14:56:43 UTC | #928325

aroundtown's Avatar Comment 6 by aroundtown

Comment 4 by zengardener - It's all about the money!

+1 - The situation couldn't be stated any clearer than that. Thanks for grounding me in reality today.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 14:58:56 UTC | #928327

mordacious1's Avatar Comment 7 by mordacious1

“The bishops have come together...We don’t need altar boys.”

What unfortunate phrasing, Mr. Donohue.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 15:11:15 UTC | #928330

CleverCarbon's Avatar Comment 8 by CleverCarbon

William Donahue...said targeting the network was justified because “SNAP is a menace to the Catholic Church.”

No, Bill, that's the not the Justification for why you're doing it, that IS why you're doing it.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 15:48:32 UTC | #928346

Stafford Gordon's Avatar Comment 9 by Stafford Gordon

"We don't need alter boys." Oh really!

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 18:52:20 UTC | #928413

AnthropicConstance's Avatar Comment 10 by AnthropicConstance

I hope Mr. Clohessy has copies of these valuable records elsewhere. Certain factions would enjoy seeing them destroyed.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 19:23:10 UTC | #928422

Corylus's Avatar Comment 11 by Corylus

Donohue has "previous" for harassing victims. A radio interview involving him and Colm O'Gorman (a child abuse survivor) here.

Colm was an absolute hero in this interview, I was astonished at his clarity, calm and control in the face of such vile emotional blindness.

Many of the questions were intended to prove that the group does not meet the definition of a rape crisis center. If it did, the group’s records would be shielded under a Missouri statute.

Despicable. Anyone corresponding with this group would have had the reasonable expectation that their data would have been treated with the same level of confidentiality and care.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 19:29:10 UTC | #928425

Byrneo's Avatar Comment 12 by Byrneo

Colm O'Gorman is a very, very decent man. This Bill Donohue is quite frankly disgusting. I hadn't heard this interview before, but I am very familiar with both the Ryan and Murphy reports. How dare Donohue come on to radio and accuse Colm, a tireless campaigner for justice, of ignorance. Clearly he's a dickhead of the highest order.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 19:55:42 UTC | #928433

Mr DArcy's Avatar Comment 13 by Mr DArcy


This Bill Donohue is quite frankly disgusting.

Well who am I to disagree? He's the same person who objected to the film ?Golden Compass, and has made a fool of himself several times. Search for him on this site, and ye shall be rewarded! But this man is not even officially connected to the RCC. Bully bhoy Billy sends himself into the field of battle ready to slaughter innocents, Catholic ot otherwise!

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 21:12:03 UTC | #928449

The Truth, the light's Avatar Comment 14 by The Truth, the light

Obviously Bill Donohue is a vile person, but he certainly doesn't mince his words and has at least been very honest about the real reasons why the Catholic Church is targeting SNAP.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 21:17:35 UTC | #928452

Big Gus's Avatar Comment 15 by Big Gus

Comment 7 by mordacious1 :

“The bishops have come together...We don’t need altar boys.”

What unfortunate phrasing, Mr. Donohue.

Another keyboard bites the dust! What a marvelous sense of humour pedophilia enabling Mr Donohue has.

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 21:31:19 UTC | #928460

Hellboy2's Avatar Comment 16 by Hellboy2

'The bishops have come together....We don't need altar boys.'

If that had been the priestly mindset from the start, SNAP wouldn't be '' ....a menace to the Catholic Church.''..... Would it, Mr Donohue?

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 22:15:50 UTC | #928473

S. Gudmundsson's Avatar Comment 17 by S. Gudmundsson

How dare they accuse the Catholic Church's members of things they actually did?! I AM OFFENDED.

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 00:05:24 UTC | #928499

HappyPrimate's Avatar Comment 18 by HappyPrimate

News for Mr. Donahue, more and more people are figuring out that they don't need the catholic church. I think it would be good to abolish the use of alter boys. As an ex-baptist, I always thought alter boys were a bit creepy anyway. Keeping all children away from clergymen would be best.

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 03:31:08 UTC | #928538

severalspeciesof's Avatar Comment 19 by severalspeciesof

What I want to know... Why isn't god defending the church? Why the lawyers? ;-)

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 03:49:10 UTC | #928543

strangebrew's Avatar Comment 20 by strangebrew


Sister Mary Ann Walsh, said Mr. Donohue was incorrect.

'Donkey breath Donohue always brays utter bollix in defence of his delusion...but mostly it is not greatly appreciated by the 'crows'...more an embarrassment then an asset apparently...but the church feel that they need all the help they can get when dealing with media and the lower echelon faithful.

Just that 'donkey breath does far more damage then good in their cause...but most RC fans are not known for deep thought so he tends to befuddle them with bullshite with no great difficulty. The Vatican realises that and allow him a free pass..and possibly a few 'hail Mary's' The cynicism is cold and calculated!...and therefore carries that typically theist stench of corruption and self interest.

“There is no national strategy,”

Yes there is...Benny baby wants all 'katolic con-artists to spout the same line of prevarication and threats to anyone that might have cause to seek compensation.

The letter to his minions spells it out quite blatantly...pedo priests were to remain protected and above all the abuse was to be secret

She said there was no meeting where legal counsel for the bishops decided to get more aggressive.

Well not where anyone could see of course...especially the media...I mean you cannot pervert justice when there is anyone watching...that is not what jeebus wants is it?

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 07:21:42 UTC | #928558

cheesedoff17's Avatar Comment 21 by cheesedoff17

The Catholic Church is a menace to humanity.

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 11:49:07 UTC | #928594

Sean_W's Avatar Comment 22 by Sean_W

I can't believe the church has not developed a protocol concerning the type of language to be used when addressing its crimes against children, alleged and proven.

Why wouldn't they immediately silence a man who would say that he is fighting victims one by one?

Can it really be that they think of themselves as victims?

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 15:14:14 UTC | #928634

btheist's Avatar Comment 23 by btheist

It's called defending the faith at the expense of the faithful.

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 16:01:05 UTC | #928649

Quiddam's Avatar Comment 24 by Quiddam

"Sister Mary Ann Walsh, said Mr. Donohue was incorrect."

Sister Mary, Mr Donahue is always incorrect.

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 17:35:42 UTC | #928678

Layla's Avatar Comment 25 by Layla


Mon, 19 Mar 2012 18:14:53 UTC | #928689

Alan4discussion's Avatar Comment 26 by Alan4discussion

Missouri cases have gone to court to compel the group to disclose more than two decades of e-mails that could include correspondence with victims, lawyers, whistle-blowers, witnesses, the police, prosecutors and journalists.

A judge in Kansas City ruled that the network must comply because it “almost certainly” had information relevant to the case.

Is there not an issue of client confidentiality in victims consultations with some of these people?

I would suggest some lawyers have a look at the judge's statement to see if it it unclear, ambiguous, or even legal! If relevance to the case is the criteria, then clearly much of it is not! Exposing witnesses to intimidation would (in most places) be illegal!

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 18:49:03 UTC | #928700

strangebrew's Avatar Comment 27 by strangebrew

Comment 22 by Sean_W

Can it really be that they think of themselves as victims?

Oh hell yeah! When the latest batch of jolly 'crow' antics in Ireland hit the headlines over a year ago with the inquiry and investigation reports...the Vatican released a statement that basically accused secularists atheists and haters of god of creating mischief for the church in Rome...later a Cardinal Amorth...he that thinks The Exorcist was a documentary... pretended...or rather actually believed that Satan was lurking in the Vatican and that explained the Abuse claims and a mentally unbalanced woman...go figure!

But from the nutty batty and fucking barking we go to the dark side...a very real and sick one...

Read this but be warned...have an empty stomach...!

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 19:33:50 UTC | #928712

frax71's Avatar Comment 28 by frax71

I know this is somewhat off topic for this thread but here goes anyway.I have just visited the Atheism UK site and found the story of boys being castrated in RCC run care homes, in the Netherlands, being discussed.The story has been picked up by the Telegraph.Shocking truly bloody shocking !!!!!!!

Tue, 20 Mar 2012 08:48:06 UTC | #928873

Tintern's Avatar Comment 29 by Tintern

Funny how quickly "justice" will act to compel a victims' group to co-operate when "justice" took decades to politely ask the Catholic Church to co-operate and then only did so because public revulsion was getting too political hot-potato to ignore.

Tue, 20 Mar 2012 09:38:53 UTC | #928885

Alan4discussion's Avatar Comment 30 by Alan4discussion

Comment 28 by frax71

@link - Two clergymen were convicted of abuse but Mr Heithuis, a victim, was nonetheless transferred by police to a Catholic psychiatric hospital before being admitted to the St. Joseph Hospital in Veghel later that year.
There, court papers confirm, he was castrated "at his own request", despite no submission of his written consent. Sources told Mr Dohmen that the surgical removal of testicles was regarded as a treatment for homosexuality and also as a punishment for those who accused clergy of sexual abuse.

...and they claim to be fit to run homes and hospitals!

strange how the story changes when they run out of places to hide!

A Vatican department advised Ireland's Catholic bishops in 1997 not to report priests suspected of child abuse to the police, a newly revealed letter shows. -

The Vatican has expressed its "dismay and betrayal" at the "sinful and criminal acts" by Catholic clergy guilty of child abuse across Ireland. -

Tue, 20 Mar 2012 17:06:01 UTC | #929017