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Cornwell, Dawkins and Faircloth in Seattle - Comments

Virtual Katie's Avatar Comment 1 by Virtual Katie

I like how this article captures the excitement! I'm also pleasantly surprised that a high school actually let this event take place in their gymnasium, and that Cornwall, Dawkins, and Faircloth still have any energy left after all the travelling they've been doing lately. Wow. The snowball is a rollin'!

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 04:26:14 UTC | #932244

Ranting Socrates's Avatar Comment 2 by Ranting Socrates

''And I’m thrilled we packed that gym with atheists.. . .[Lots of] transgender and cis, LGBQ and straight, and it wasn’t a sea of lily white''

. . . . I’m curious as to how you would know? (I hope you know that I am only kidding).

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 19:46:24 UTC | #932417

Achamian's Avatar Comment 3 by Achamian

I was there, and thrilled by the show of support from everyone. I overheard a security guard saying that the gym held 1400 people, and it was packed full.

Thu, 05 Apr 2012 04:09:45 UTC | #932496

Keinen_Gott's Avatar Comment 4 by Keinen_Gott

I attended the Northwest Freethought Alliance conference before the high school event and I found all the people that attended very kind-hearted and interesting conversationalists. Being in the Air Force (only 2 months left to go), I am not often around people that can hold up their end of a conversation, or for that matter, people that don't just want to talk about drinking and womanizing. I grew up anti-social and I thought the military would change that by forcing me into social settings. Boy was I mistaken. I am still as anti-social as ever as a result of having nobody around that wants to talk about anything of import, nor anyone around that shares my passion for science. The conference was an overwhelmingly positive event for me and I think I broke out of my shell a little bit while there. I will definitely try and join similar groups when I move back to Illinois in June.

Thu, 05 Apr 2012 17:19:22 UTC | #932584