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Scott Walker's Attack on a Woman's Right to Choose

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has attacked the rights of working people to organize unions and to speak up in their workplaces and the political life of their communities, their state and their nation.

He has attacked the right of citizens to dissent and to have a voice in the legislative process.

He has even attacked voting rights, with a draconian Voter ID bill that is seen as the most restrictive in the United States.

The list of assaults on basic rights is so long that it is not surprising that close to 1 million Wisconsinites have petitioned for the recall and removal of Walker in a June 5 election.

The list of reasons for voting Walker out of office is so long that it is hard to imagine what more could be added to it.

But there is the matter of what the governor’s critics refer to as “Scott Walker’s War on Women.”

Because Walker signed anti-choice laws enacted by legislative Republicans who do not believe women can or should make decisions regarding their own bodies, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has decided to suspend providing certain basic health services to women. Among other things, Planned Parenthood will stop providing drugs to women for abortions in the first nine weeks of pregnancy—a method the provider says are used in about a quarter of the abortions it provides in Wisconsin.

Why? The law signed by Walker criminalizes a physician’s failure to follow specific protocols laid out by the the anti-choice legislators—and interest groups—that drafted the legislation.

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