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An idea thought up on a rainy weekend

As an atheist with no desire to upset believers, Professor Peter Higgs has always hated the idea of a God particle. He has never been keen on the nomenclature of the Higgs boson either – referring to it as "the particle named after me" on the rare occasions he gives an interview.

But although his name will forever be attached to one of modern science's most profound discoveries - and he is a racing certainty for a future Nobel Prize – the 83-year-old University of Edinburgh academic remains little known outside his esoteric discipline.

The idea of the particle field was conceived on one rainy Scottish weekend in 1964 when a camping trip to the Western Highlands was washed out. Inspired by the work of fellow Cotham Grammar school boy Paul Dirac, Professor Higgs had eschewed the prospect of Oxbridge to study theoretical physics at King's College London.

But though considered brilliant by his tutors, the Newcastle-born son of a BBC sound engineer failed to secure a lectureship there and headed north. Yet his reputation for laboratory "accidents" meant some doubted he had a future as a serious researcher at all.
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Viewpoints: Why is faith falling in the...

- - BBC News Comments

A new poll suggests that atheism is on the rise in the US, while those who consider themselves religious has dropped. What's the cause? Two writers debate.

From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader

Robert F. Worth - New York Times Comments

A great article about Jerry DeWitt and the growing presence of atheist communities

Playboy Interview with Richard Dawkins

Chip Rowe - Playboy Comments

Playboy Interview with Richard Dawkins

Atheists On Religion, Science, And...

- - YouTube - townsquare Comments

Cara Santa Maria (Senior Science Correspondent, leads this week's panel on 'The Point' to discuss these issues and more with Michael Shermer (Publisher - Skeptic Magazine), Sean Carroll (Theoretical Physicist - Caltech), and Edward Falzon (author of 'Being Gay Is Disgusting').

Atheists find a new venue for the...

Kimberly Winston - Washington Post Comments

Last weekend, the Atheist Film Festival showed more than a dozen films about separation of church and state, freedom of religion (and no religion), the conflict between science and religion in public schools.

Albert Einstein's Historic 1954 "God...

- - eBay auction Comments

Albert Einstein's Historic 1954 "God Letter" Handwritten Shortly Before His Death





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