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200,000 pledge to vote for Jesus in 2012

Christians: Do you think President Obama is "a true enemy of God" but that "a vote for Romney is a vote for Satan?" Then "take a stand and say 'no' to Satan this November!" Those are sentiments (and quotations) of Bill Keller, founder of the eponymous Bill Keller Ministries, and The latter website, as its name implies, promotes a truly divine third party alternative for president in the upcoming election and, according to a July 9 article on Christian News Wire, Keller is claiming that over 200,000 people have already pledged to vote for Jesus Christ on their November ballots.

So why does Keller think the two mainstream candidates are so bad? Well, he thinks a vote for either of them is the equivalent of "satan flipping a two-headed coin with his head on both sides!!!"

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