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[UPDATE - 24-Oct] - audio of interview with PZ] - Pluggin’

[Update 24-Oct] about 1 1/2 minutes of the PZ and Michael Slate interview excerpted and added from the full podcast link below. The full podcast is rather long and most of it promotes a fund drive from the station. The approx 5 1/2 minute excerpt focuses on the interview with PZ.
Updated podcast with PZ from Oct 22nd

[UPDATE 23-Oct.] Excerpt of the interview with PZ

link to the complete audio

Tomorrow, I’ll be on radio station KPFK in Los Angeles around 10am, on The Michael Slate Show. We’re going to be talking about various things, but one thing in particular: we’ll be plugging The Magic of Reality. Slate had a very good one-on-one interview with Dawkins earlier this week, and I think we all agree — getting more copies of that book into people’s heads would be an excellent idea.

While I’m recommending books, I also just finished Sean Faircloth’s Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All-—and What We Can Do About It. It’s about how the religious right is corrupting the United States, with a nice collection of concrete examples of the idiocy these bozos — who keep getting elected! — represent. If you’re reading this blog, you know what I’m talking about, and it’s a safe bet you’d appreciate this book.

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Does this set a record for smug...

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Does this set a record for smug nastiness?

Playboy Interview with Richard Dawkins

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Playboy Interview with Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins gets it right. Sarah...

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Richard Dawkins gets it right. Sarah Wollaston misunderstands.

[update to a previous article] Richard...

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Some church groups have expressed disappointment at the decision to invite leading atheist Richard Dawkins to speak at an island book festival.

Rats Manipulated to be Attracted to Cats

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Rats Manipulated to be Attracted to Cats


- - Ancestors Trail Walk Comments

WALK DARWIN’S TREE OF LIFE ~ 26 AUGUST 2012 - event begins on Saturday 25 August



Don’t trust the religious

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Does science support the idea that we should have extra confidence in the devout? No way, says a prominent atheist

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Deepak Chopra reviews Richard Dawkins

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I think we've been insulted by American...

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"the major American publishers were reluctant to support a skeptical book, with some suggesting that I re-write it to suggest that ghosts were real and psychic powers actually existed!"

I think the creationists would rather...

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Abortion needs to be taught in our...

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