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The Selfish Gene Turns 30 - Comments

Homo economicus's Avatar Comment 1 by Homo economicus

I have the 30th Anniversary edition in front of me as I type. It will be the fourth Dawkins book I read.

Just want to pay tribute to Dawkins for helping in making the public understanding of science his life's work. Having left the JWs as a child the theory of evolution was something I always wanted to understand.

I hope to shake him by the hand one day and say thank you. Thank you for opening my eyes to the true wonder of the natural world.

Sat, 20 Jan 2007 11:47:00 UTC | #16397

seals's Avatar Comment 2 by seals

Yes, maybe it's time I find out if I can make any sense of this book, a mere 30 years after I heard everyone talking about it when I was 19 yrs of age. A retro edition would be most fitting...

Given that natural selection for selfish genes in that sense tends to favor cooperation, we then have to admit that there are some genes that do no such thing, and work against the interests of the rest of the genome, the true selfish DNA. And there's a bit of a terminological problem that arises here. Selfish DNA is DNA which works at the expense of the rest of the genome.

hmm what is this - the genes that carry hereditary conditions, or am I reading too much into this? the "black" gene that undoes all the other good genes you may have?

Sat, 20 Jan 2007 17:36:00 UTC | #16426

Kiwi's Avatar Comment 3 by Kiwi

Please can RD or someone tell me how many copies the first print runs of TSG were in the UK and US ? Thanks

Sat, 30 Oct 2010 03:08:31 UTC | #540077