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"The Romans, the British and the French went about annexing large parts of the world more for earthly or material gain than for spiritual dominance. Under these empires, the clergy was allowed to propagate its faith as long as it did not jeopardize imperial interests."
I think this is a misunderstanding of at the very least the nature of the British Empire. Its missionaries saw the empire as the greatest expression of god's approval, for they read into it connotations of manifest destiny. Further, they were spreading the Word in the name of the established Church of England, so there were no missionaries who preached that the empire was bad. In that, they were as much a part of the empire, and complicit in its spread, as the East India trading company or the colonists in Africa.
With Islam, the spread of the Caliphate is also deemed to be Allah's will, so anyone who opposes the spread of Islam is necessarily anti-god. It is this mindset that drives the bloodthirsty behaviour of Islam's leaders. Where Western governments--I hesitate to call them leaders, either intellectually or morally--go wrong is first and foremost their terror of being called racist, so they bend over backwards to accommodate Islamic fundamentalists who, at the first sign of criticism, scream "racism". There are some who believe that error, but there are also Muslims who are simply using this threat as a form of blackmail to get their own selfish way.
Such is the nature of "assimilation" in the western world.

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