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I'm afraid this 'challenge' may have the opposite effect of its intended purpose: to make people think critically of a holy trinity. I surmize that the individuals in the video made their assertions after much consideration and thought. I'm glad they took a carthotic step in publicly renouncing what they found to be true--the emperor is indeed not wearing any clothes.

However, and this a very key objection, some of the renunciations were from mere adolesants. I know there are some people, who's comments I cherish dearly on this forum, that champion youth's rights. But a main contention against the indocrination of children in religious superstition is that some--perhaps many--children lack the mental prowess to treat the subject critically.

Perhaps the adolesants responding are of the more questioning manner and not just expressing teen-age rebellion tendencies. But to those infected with true religious fervor, this contest appears nothing more than a cheap gimmick to dupe the more easily swayed sheep from the flock. Hence, it will be villified before ever being contemplated by those it seeks to reach.

Fri, 15 Dec 2006 17:52:00 UTC | #11283